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We all love to play question games because they strengthen our bond as well for entertainment purposes. These fun questions sometimes help to know about a person's, their thoughts and sometimes it creates a special bond and we get to know many things about each other. This is the easiest way to know what other think because through theses questions you can indirectly keep your point in front of them and get to know their point of view, I think this is interesting that without actually making other people release we get to know their choices, about their experiences and this makes our conversation bit more interesting.

so, let's begin, this is a fun time 

QUESTION 1:What was your age when you first felt love or attraction?

QUESTION 2:Did you ever noticed someone so badly that you started behaving like them?

QUESTION 3:Have you ever tried doing mimicry of your non-favorite teacher?

QUESTION 4:what is the best part of school life?

QUESTION 5:Did you ever steal your friend's lunchbox?

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QUESTION 6:What is the best lesson you learned from life?

QUESTION 7:What is the thing you are best at?

QUESTION 8:Do you think people with a golden heart exists?

QUESTION 9:What are your assumptions regarding aliens?

QUESTION 10:what is the most beautiful thing we humans have according to you?

QUESTION 11:Have you tried something out of the league?

QUESTION 12: What is that which will never share with anybody?

QUESTION 13:List of weird things you do when you see the mirror?

QUESTION 14:If you got a chance to decorate the earth which theme will you prefer?

QUESTION 15:Do you have or want someone like Doremon in your life?

QUESTION 16:Do you have fear which you never told anybody?

QUESTION 17:If you get a chance for free traveling, which place will you prefer?

QUESTION 18:Did you ever scolded yourself for doing something wrong, What is it?

QUESTION 19: Name a thing which is more important for you than money?

QUESTION 20:Have you ever thought of being judge in a talent show?

QUESTION 21:What is the thing you have in your life that you thank god every day for it?

QUESTION 22:Did you ever tried weird combinations of food like curd with maggie, tell us about your combination?

QUESTION 23:If you get a chance to write your own biography, what will you name it?

QUESTION 24:What is the worst habit of your friend, that you always ignored, and always wanted to tell him but don't have enough courage?

QUESTION 25:Have you ever felt that magic exists?

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QUESTION 26:What are your fantasies If you get a chance to live in a magical world?

QUESTION 27:After a whole day struggle, what is a common thing you say to yourself?

QUESTION 28:What was your experience when you cooked something the first time for yourself?

QUESTION 29:Have you ever did something only for the purpose of appreciation?

QUESTION 30:Have you ever helped someone without any benefit?

QUESTION 31: A Top secret you won't tell anyone?

QUESTION 32:Your weirdest habit, but your favorite?

QUESTION 33:What you notice first when you meet a person?

QUESTION 34:Have you ever dream about that you are stuck in some dangerous situation and your favorite person saves you, who is your that favorite person and what's the situation?

QUESTION 35:If you get a chance to do bad makeup on someone's face who will be the person?

QUESTION 36:Have you tried ever acted that you need help only to get someone's attention? who was the person?

QUESTION 37:What is the thing you don't have and don't want in your upcoming life?

QUESTION 38:What is the thing you don't have and you want in your upcoming life?

QUESTION 39:Have you ever smiled at your own past action, what was that action?

QUESTION 40:Have you ever prayed for an unknown person who needs help?

QUESTION 41: What is a mistake you do daily?

QUESTION 42:Have you ever thought that you belong to another world, why?

QUESTION 43:What you think about your sense of humor?

QUESTION 44:What is the best thing you prefer to do when you are alone?

QUESTION 45: Do you ever felt that people came into your life for some reasons, why?

QUESTION 46:What was the most awkward situation which you can never forget?

QUESTION 47:Funniest situation when your mom scolded you and your father took your side, and they had a fight?

QUESTION 48:Tell me about your golden moments in life?

QUESTION 49: Imagine yourself as a mosquito and tell a short note on your life?

QUESTION 50:If you write a diary, and your father's read it, how will you come out of that situation?

QUESTION 51:Have you ever called your principal as your friend's father, what was your experience?

QUESTION 52: What is one of the most adventurous acts, which is unforgettable?

QUESTION 53:Think about a place where going out at night is completely banned due to safety purpose and you get a chance to ran out at night, what will you prefer?

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QUESTION 54:What is the toughest thing you did in life?

QUESTION 55:What will be your reaction when your friend calls you late night just to disturb your sleep and for timepass purpose?

QUESTION 56:What adventurous marriage do you want, do you think there must be some twists and turn?

QUESTION 57:What is the thing you want to change in someone's life if you get a chance to do so?

QUESTION 58:If you were not human, what else you want to be?

QUESTION 59:If you get a chance to reshape your body, so what will be the favorite shape?

QUESTION 60:If you get wings for one day, what will you prefer to do?

QUESTION 61:You god asks you to wish for one thing, what will be your wish?

QUESTION 62:What will be your life story if you get a chance to write it as the way you want for example you want it simple and boring or any other preferences?

QUESTION 63:What is the thing you never did, but if you get a chance you will definitely do it?

QUESTION 64:If  get a chance that you have 3 hours to enjoy life to its peak, so what is the list of things will you do?

QUESTION 65:If you are a singer and get a chance to sing for someone, for whom you will sing your first song?

QUESTION 66:what is an unnecessary thing but you still do it with joy?

QUESTION 67:What is the weird thing you do when you are angry, which is not common?

QUESTION 68:What is your dream car, you want to buy with your salary?

QUESTION 69:If you have witch powers, what will you be doing and the answer must be different?

QUESTION 70:What are your thoughts when you watch movies like Twilight?

QUESTION 71:If you get a chance to become anything, what will you prefer to become?

QUESTION 72:What is the skill, you think you have the unique?

QUESTION 73:What is the most irritating thing in the world according to your views?

QUESTION 74:If you are an influencer, what will be your stream?

QUESTION 75:If you have a robot, what tasks will you be giving him? 

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QUESTION 76:Have you ever felt that you thought about something and that's the same happening?

QUESTION 77:What is your regret in your life?

QUESTION 78:If you are a pizza lover and there is the last piece of pizza left on earth, will you share it or not? and if yes to whom?

QUESTION 79:If you are the head of Icecream world what will be your first rule?

QUESTION 80:Do you need jinni in your life to make your dreams come true?

QUESTION 81: What is your most common dream at night?

QUESTION 82:What is the place where you want to enjoy alone?

QUESTION 83:If you get a chance to form a new world, tell us about something about that world?

QUESTION 84:If you write a biography on your best friend what would be the title of the book?

QUESTION 85:What is the best thing you love about rains and snow?

QUESTION 86:If you are allowed to do something weird in a public place and people will forget about it after you finished what will you do? 

QUESTION 87:Have you ever feel some supernatural powers?

QUESTION 88: If you get a chance to be the owner of the house which was in movie  Conjuring, what will you do?

QUESTION 89:Name one thing people hate and you love to do?

QUESTION 90:You get a chance to be the president of a country, which country would you prefer?

QUESTION 91:Which is more important for you having a peace full life or money, or fame, or health.

QUESTION 92:Have you ever break some rules, what were they, and what did you do?

QUESTION 93:If  you were the wind, what will be the first thing you want to feel?

QUESTION 94:If you won a lottery, who will be the first person you will tell about it?

QUESTION 95:Have you ever, only acted of sleeping and listened to someone's personal conversation and laughed, share your experience?

QUESTION 96:What is the thing which makes you crazy when you think of it?

QUESTION 97:Have you ever solved some stranger's problem, without telling them your name, how you solved their problem? 

QUESTION 98:Tell me about the situations when you felt to give some free advice then stopped yourself?

QUESTION 99:Which is your favorite tone of talking, for example, sarcastic, polite, sweet?

QUESTION 100:If you get a chance to speak up a monologue for your haters, who will be the person?

QUESTION 101:What is your conversation with yourself when you are sitting alone in the restaurant?

QUESTION 102:If you get a chance to take yourself on a date, things you will do for yourself?

QUESTION 103:List of pranks you did?

QUESTION 104: Have you ever talked with some stranger for more than one hour?

QUESTION 105:If you get a chance to call someone from the past, who will be the person you want to meet?

QUESTION 106:If you were a time-traveler, on which year and day you want to go?

QUESTION 107:You got a chance to be a scientist, then what will be your first research and what will you name it?

QUESTION 108:What is the typical thinking you want to delete from everybody's mind?

QUESTION 109:What is the thing your friends need to learn?

QUESTION 110:Do you have insecurity regarding something, what is it?

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Hope you love the collection for these questions 
Comment me below if you want to share your answer to these questions with me, I'll love to read them.

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