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I know this is one of the most interesting topics. Imagine If you can know about someone's feelings only by their behavior and expressions .simply you can enter on someone's brain only by analyzing their behavior isn't it sound interesting. I can feel your goosebumps. I personally love this topic and also many times used these facts and found them correct so according to my personal experience, it is possible to read someone's mind just only by knowing some facts.i promise you will not regret after reading all the points and each and every point will be helpful.

So, Let's begin

before using these tricks I will advise you to first give a close look to the normal behaviour of the person you are interested in. 
Interesting psychology facts

1. Look at the shoes while you are talking, if you find their shoes aiming at you then this means that they are interested in having a conversation with youπŸ˜ƒ and if their shoes are in opposite direction or not aiming at you this can be a sign that they are in rush or they don't want a conversation with you.😐

2. If someone has their arms cross or legs crossed then this means that they are close for conversation😎 so, if you want a conversation with them then you must offer them some stuff that they like example tea or just smile to make them smile too or better to avoid them.

3. If someone really doesn't want to say something or they are shy of having a conversation then they will bite their lips tightly or will tighten their lips this means they are nervous so if you want a conversation then first make them comfortable

4. If someone keeps their hands around their mouth in a conversation this means they are hiding something from you and this also shows their nervousness of hiding something.😟

5. If someone is telling something to you and in the middle, you find something interesting so, to know if someone is sharing their interest in your conversation then they will automatically lean towards you to know more about the topic.😍

6. If someone is not facing towards you during your conversation with them so don't feel that they are not listening to you because you might be surprised to know that their ears are towards you this means they are listening to you but just not pretending so, this may be the reason they are shy or they are not able to have eye contact with you.

7. Nail-biting or lips bitting is considered bad habits but this might not be the actual fact for some people it is stress-releasing or relaxing.

8. When you tell a joke to someone and if they laugh with their heads tilting back this means that they are actually hiding that they are not having a genuine laugh or they are hiding their fake laugh.😊

 9. If you want to know that a person smile is fake or genuine then just look at their eyes because the fact is that everyone smiles with their eyes first and with lips second so if someone is having a smile just by lips their smile feels creepy and fake.

10. If someone is in deep pressure and obviously needs your help their sign is that they will be clenching their teeth and would look like that they are having toothache .their eyes would be dull and you can feel stress on their face.

11. If you want to know that your friend is lying to you .their is a simple fact if someone is not looking directly in your eyes or face this means they are lying because this is human psychology that everyone is afraid of being caught

12. If someone is having their head down and are in deep thoughts this means they are sad or stressed so this is the way to know about someone's mood

13. Notice someone's voice tone when they are talking to others and then compare it with their tone when they are talking with you if their tone is a little high then this means they like to have a conversation with you or interested in you.πŸ’—

14. An important fact is that focus more on their actions than their talks because this will definitely tell you more about that person and we know 

actions speaks louder than words 

15. If you are sitting in a group and you want to know that who is interested in you just tell a joke and notice who is having eye contact with you this shows that the person who is sharing eye contact with you like you or is interested in you because this show that they want to share their emotions and humor with you also want your appreciation so next time when are sitting in a group just notice them and you will get to know much stuff.πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

16. When people laugh they look most on the people they like the most.

17. If someone is closing their eyes while talking to you this doesn't mean that they don't want to see you but actually this means they are deeply concentrated on your conversation and want to tell you something important.

18. If someone is cleaning their clothes when there is no dirt actually this shows their disagreement but they are not sure to express it so they just do this.

19. If someone is rubbing their chin this shows that they are in deep thoughts and don't want to be back in reality.

20. When a person is rubbing his head or eyebrow to break their eye-contact this shows that they are recollecting their thoughts and are in a difficult situation so to listening to other thoughts are not possible for them

21. When another person squints his eyes while listening to you this means that they don't trust what they heard and if the pupil of the eye of some person broads this means they are excited to talk with you as we can see pupil says a lot and you will be amazed to listen that pupils can't be controlled sometimes if we want to do so.

22.If someone is looking down and to the left, this means they are in monologue and if their eyes are down but towards the right, this means they are trying to remember something.

23. If you want someone to be easy on you just raise your eyebrows this shows that you are vulnerable and need protection so another person will act accordingly.

24. If someone is trying to copy your style or your behavior this shows that he or she likes you and wants you to like them back, as this is human nature that we copy what we like the most.

25. Posture says a lot about someone's behavior like if someone is standing with a straight back and lifted head this means that he or she is ambitious and has high self-esteem and on the other side if someone has drop head and bend back this shows their tiredness and is just opposite.

26. If someone even remembers a small thing about you which you don't even notice this means that person likes you a lot.😍

27. If you sit with someone and he was doing some stuff but when you came he keeps his other things aside and listened to you this means that this conversation means to him a lot.

28. When you do some mistake and someone around you become clumsy this means that he or she desperately wants to trust you. 

29. Start a conversation and smile and nod your head at a specific word if another person repeats or uses the same word this means you both have mutual feelings.

30. If you want someone's approval on something so when you are keeping your thoughts in front of someone just nod your nod this will give a sign to the subconscious mind of other people to approve, this is scientifically proven.

31. If someone is angry with you just keep closer to that person this is because that person can't be angry for longer when you are close.

32. If you want to know who is watching you continuously just yawn this method is called contagious yawning by this another person who is staring at you will automatically yawn.

33. Need not to show someone that you desperately want to talk to them because if they feel this they will try to keep a distance from you because we all love things which are hard to earn.

Now a bonus tip and one of my personal experience 

when we  are angry or stressed then the best way to relax is to eat something so if you want to help someone and want to be in the good books of that person then just offer him food or chocolates when they are stressed or sad this will help to refresh their mood

At last, I want to conclude by saying that every person is different and has different tastes some are shy to be the center of attraction, and some love to be the center of attraction. so you need not be a psychologist to read someone's mind you just need to observe🌟.

i am dangerous when I am focused and I am always focused

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