Using slangs nowadays has become a  popular trend, and obviously using them just adds a flavor to our conversation. We all try to make our conversation more fascinating and interactive using cool slang. So, first, it's necessary to know what is the meaning of slang. Let's understand what slang actually are and where they should be used and where there use should be avoided to avoid embarrassing moments.

What is slang?

This is very easy to understand, It's a very informal kind of conversational words, phrases or sentences which you can use with your friends, your college group, your classmates or your best friends or your colleagues to make your conversation a little bit cool. You will hear youngsters using theses slang often. So, it becomes necessary to know their meaning and its obliviously not necessary to use them but I think learning new words and things is necessary to be a good speaker or to attract people to have a conversation with you and obviously to keep with trends.

When to avoid using slang?

We should avoid using slang informal conversations because the other person may not like it .so, it must be kept in mind to use slang with whom you know very well and are comfortable with you.

I know you are excited to know a lot about slangs. So, let's begin 

STALKER- This is used for a person who is following you staring at you.Example: That person is stalking me.

DOWN TO EARTH- This is a very common and sweet word used for a person having no ego.and is always selfless and doesn't show off.Example: He is the best actor in the world but still down to earth.

TO FEEL BLUE- This is used when you are feeling sad like if you have lost your precious gift and your friends asks you you can say "I feel blue".

FOR REAL- It simply means honestly. example like you said to your friend that you are getting up early in the morning so he can answer "for real, nice to hear that".

A COLD SHOULDER- This means you are trying to ignore someone with a strong reason. like you had a fight with your friend and you are trying to approach him but he is ignoring you. So, you can say" don't show me your cold shoulder".

SCREW UP- This phrase means making a mistake .example: I have screwed up by telling my opponent about my project.so, instead of saying "Sorry, I made a mistake .you can say I screw up".

SWEET- This is another word for nice and beautiful like you can say" this is so sweet ", which means this very nice. Easy right, but sounds so good.
TIGHT- This is used for tough things.Example: "There is a tight competition between me and him.",
which means he is a tough competitor.

TO TRASH- Isn't it sounding like a crash so, meaning is also the same. To  trash means to destroy.;
Example: I trashed my bike, yesterday when I went to college.

WRAP UP- This means finishing something like yesterday my friend was waiting for me in the restaurant so, I have to wrap up everything in a hurry. 

HANG OUT- This means to have fun. like I prefer to hang out on weekend days. Everyone loves to hang out and I am such a kind that I am waiting for weekends for hangouts.

BABE- This you can use for your friend who is hot, attractive, and beautiful. It is like a compliment. example: when your friend enters the gate in a red dress and you said: "you are looking wonderful, babe".

TO GET BUSTED- This phrase means to get caught or arrested for any illegal or inappropriate work. Example: a person who cheated the jewelers got busted.

CREEP- Creep is used for a weird person. He can be weird by his behavior also, most of the time it is used for the person who is irritating and unpleasant both. Like a person falls on you intentionally so you can call him to creep.

TO HAVE A BLAST- This praise is often used as if I enjoy doing something I can say I have a blast.
Like I enjoyed watching a dance video I can say " I have a blast".

LIT- This is used for things which are excited, good and you love them .and you really enjoy that.Example: The performance was lit. which means you are saying it mindblowing. if someone is looking so beautiful and hot, you can say" she is lit".

CRASH-This is like when you are very tired and only want to fall on the bed and want a good sleep. this means to fastly go for sleep. Example: when I came home I just crashed on my bed.

SNATCHED- When somethings seem to be very modern, trendy or fashionable and fascinate you and you are quite impressed. Example: His watch is snatched.

ON FLEEK - When something is done perfectly and accurately.like  when I did my makeup it was on fleek.

DEAD- This is used in such a case when something is really very funny like Jhon told you a joke, so, you can say" I am dead" which means it was so funny.

FIRE-When something is outstanding, cool, and impressive. Example: when she came with her red dress on the floor she set the floor on fire. Another example can be that party was a fire.

BAIL- This is used when you have to leave a certain place all of a sudden. So, in these kinds of situations, you can use slang Bail. Example: you are at a college fresher's party and your mothers call you and you have to leave so, you can say "sorry guys, I have to bail".

LOW-KEY- This slang means to keep something simple, normal, quiet, or modest.Example- Our fresher's party was at low key. which means the party was so normal and quiet and nothing special was done.

HIGH KEY- This is just the opposite of low-key.Example: I kept a birthday party at the high key which means that was interesting, exciting.

SHADY- This is used as when someone is hiding truth something from you it can be a scam or you feel some mysterious things about a person that he or she is hiding.Example: I think that person in black is shady.

EPIC FAIL: This phrase means a complete failure this can be understood as an example: One of your friends tried hard to get something but at last he was an epic fail. This can be used funnily also.

SHOOK- when something is very surprising you can use this slang shook. Example: "I was shaken by his act".

SLAY-When you can do something which you want or you succeed in achieving something this slang can be used. Example: I slew this exhibition.

SLAY- this also means to look amazingly beautiful. Example- Annie you slay.

STAN- This is used for a person who is stalking you crazily and seems to be obsessed, it can be a fan. Example: That guy is staN which means that guy is following you everywhere and seems to be obsessed.

KILLING IT- It means doing a great, unbelievable job. Example: dude, you are killing it.

FAFF- this means to waste time. example- Yesterday I was just faffing all day. Which means I wasted my whole day.

SHIT BRICKS-This means to be scared of something terrifically. For example, someone scared you so, you can say You are looking so scary, I  shat bricks because of your actions.

EPIC- This is used for something very impressive and good like I liked someone's meme that was so epic.

SICK- this is used for something cool, exciting, and great .for example that game is so sick.

RIP OFF- This praise is often used and it is used for the fraud things or things which are overpriced over their original price .for example - That shop is rip off.

KICK-ASS- This is used in a positive sense of saying something extremely good and fine. Example- my kick ass when he went on the stage.this means you want to say that he did a great job. In some situations, it is used to encourage someone to be strong.

DAMN!- This is used to show frustration and anger. like Damn! why did you do that?.

PLEAD THE FIFTH-This phrase is used to say that a person will not be giving the answer as it can be used against him. Like the teacher asked you did you misbehave with Annie and you plead the fifth which you didn't want to answer.

FAM- This is a short form of family.

THOT- this is a short form of That hole out there. This can be used for a person you don't like.

GOAT- This can be used as a compliment. Actually, this means G for greatest, O means of, A means all T means time, which ultimately means greatest of all times means that something is that much wonderful and you feel it like it is the best of all time.

THROWING SHADE- This means correcting someone publically. Example: My teacher is throwing shade only because I didn't complete my project.

YASSSS- This is an exciting way of saying yes and most of us have seen this on Instagram stories.

FAM JAM- this means a short family gettogether to have fun.cool!

COUCH- POTATO- This is used for the laziest person who is avoiding to do anything and only loves to be at a place and resting and taking naps.Example: He is a couch -potato. Obviously like one of the people of anyone's group.😂As everybody of us has a friend who is a couch potato.

SALTY- This means being sad and disappointed about something. Example: I was very excited about the trip and trip canceled due to heavy snowfall so, I can say " I am salty as I can't go to my dream place".

CAN I GET AMEN- this means can I get some appreciation. this is used to getting some appreciation.

BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH-This phrase is used when something hurts but it doesn't pain too much in easy words this is used when something hurts but not too much. Example- like you are working in a kitchen and hurt yourself but not too much, so you can say"I hurt myself but by the skin of my teeth".

SAVAGE- This is used in a situation where something shocking and crazy happens or a  result of some careless attitude. Example: you gave your expensive necklace to someone and she lost it while partying.Savage! 

FIT- It can be used as a short version of an outfit .and it is also used for an attractive person.Example: "My fit was beautiful last night Mariya"

TUUP- To attend a party. It means time to have some fun.


  • BAM-Below average mentality
  • BFF4L-Best friend forever for life
  • BAE-Babe
  • BAE- Before anyone else
  • CLAP- Gonorrhea, STD
  • IMHO-In my humble opinion
  • IRL-In real life.
  • DON- Topman
  • DM- Direct message
  • DAE-Does anyone else
  • D8- Date
  • FYN-Fine
  • ELI5-Explain like I'm 5
  • JML-just my luck
  • JLM-Just leave a message
  • AMA- Ask Me Anything
  • ALOL- Actually laughing out loud
  • ATX-Austin, Texas
  • NPZ- No problem
  • HEADDESK- This means supreme frustration.
  • HIFW-How I felt when
  • IMO- In my opinion
  • FTFY-Fixed that for you
  • IKR- I know, right?
  • ICYMI- In case you missed it
  • IDK- I don't know
  • FACEPALM- This shortly for idiot
  • IIWII- It is what it is
  • IMMD-It made my day
  • IDBY-I don't believe you
  • IMR- I mean, really.
  • IGTG-I got to go.
  • G2G-Got to go
  • BTW- between
  • INFO- Information

I hope you like it and the info provided is cool as well as help you to enhance your vocabulary.
Thank you
Always smile

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