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This sounds interesting, right?  questions will also be interesting and my opinion of these questions will give you a hint on how to answer if someone asks you the same. I think funny and interesting questions are a way of entertainment and they can be asked in a group if you just want to sit and play something entertaining. So, let's have some fun. Hope you enjoy each and every question.
"I have released to be happy is everything, Smile is a wonderful expression which we received from God,and it expresses a lot"

QUESTION 1: Did you laughed at critical situations?

My answer: Obviously, it's common in my case, and once I was scolded only for laughing.πŸ˜‚by my teacher. She thought that I am making fun of her but that was not actually the case.

QUESTION 2: Did you still change your life goals from the day you started thinking about it?

My answer: when I was in the 4th standard I want to be a teacher because I thought that you get a chance to give homework to other children and scold them if they didn't complete that. then I thought of becoming a doctor and I drop the plan. Then I want to be a NASA scientist and again plan dropped and then A pilot this plan also changed after a while and now I think should I try to be a singer or writer.πŸ˜‚

QUESTION 3: Did you ever laughed too much at some lame joke and sometimes a strange face to a good one?

My answer: I can laugh at lame jokes, but in certain situations, and after laughing too much when people stare at me so weirdly, I think why I laughed and I have no answer to this and answer to the second part when my groupmate tells a good joke then intentionally I make strange face to show him that that's a bad one.πŸ˜‚

QUESTION 4: What do you think if you could hear everyone's minds' thoughts? 

My answer: I think this would be crazy to have such a power of hearing someone's thoughts but I think after a certain period it will a reason for headache for me because there are many thoughts in everyone's mind. It would be like I am closing my ears but still, that's not enough. I am thinking if I went to a meeting and I could hear what the other person is thinking about my dress my way of speaking, I'll run from that place. obviously, there will be a benefit of knowing other's thought but it will become weird to know someone's personal opinion.

QUESTION 5: If you give a nickname to your phone, what would be it?

My answer: AIO which means All in  One.

QUESTION 6: If you get a chance to rename yourself, what would be the name?

My answer: I love my present name, but still if I get a chance to rename I'll choose to have some different and unique names, something dreamy and beautiful if you can suggest then comment me below.

QUESTION 7:If you become a superhero, which power would you like to have?

My answer: I would like to have a combo pack, like with burger, Coca-Cola combo with french fries, just kidding, by combo pack of power  I mean to have some power according to my difficulties, for example, if I have to help somebody physically so I want the power to be strong and powerful if I have to help somebody with mental difficulty so at that point I can have the power to heal minds, and etc different power according to the situation.πŸ˜‚


QUESTION 8:If you get a chance to become a cartoon character, which would you choose?

My answer: I would love to be a Disney princess or jerry and if I have to choose from these both I would choose  Jerry because this character is a full package of fun and smartness. I  also love the dreamy world which Disney princess has

QUESTION 9:.If a shark is coming towards you to eat you, What would be your reaction?

My answer: I will automatically wake up from my bed to wash my face, and pinch myself of having such a bad dream.πŸ˜‚

QUESTION 10:When you know your friend is not a good cook but still, she made something special for you, How would you come out of this situation?

My answer: My friend is the worst cook, I must say she can kill someone only by making them taste her food and if she prepared something special this means this is the last food you can taste and I know if I'll make some excuse she will kill me. This situation is dangerous as some lion is standing in front of you and a tiger at the back. I'll take one bite and will say oh!that's too good you must try and I'll make her eat that.

QUESTION 11:If  can keep Snake as a pet, what things would you do for him?

My answer: I'll not buy that pet in the first place and secondly, my friends are similar to snakesπŸ˜‚ and I would do nothing for them. I'll just sit and watch them working.

QUESTION 12:If google location tracker was a person. Will you apply for the job and why?

My answer: Firstly thinking about it makes me laugh. for example, a person asks me to track his wife's location, so, I have to go shopping, beauty parlor, kitty party with his wife, and at a certain point in time his husband will make a complaint regarding me πŸ˜‚. It's funny but it can be terrific also to have such a job.

QUESTION 13:If you went to a restaurant, and the owner offers you a deal that if you can finish all the food of the restaurant in 1 hr, he will gift you the restaurant, will you take the deal?

My answer: Obviously, because in case if I am not able to eat so much food at least I am getting a chance to eat my favorite food for free.

QUESTION 14:There is a magic world same as Hogwarts, and you are the head of the world, What is the first thing you will do?

My answer: Firstly, I'll ask for magic power, because a Muggle can not rule over people having magic powers, and to continue ruling it's most important.

QUESTION 15:Which one would you prefer to be from avengers?

My answer: I'll choose Thor, because of two points first his power and second his sense of humor.

QUESTION 16:Which qualities you prefer to date someone? 

My answer: Qualities common as mine and a little different taste of food.because everything in common is a little boring.

QUESTION 17:If you were a chemical in chemistry lab which type of liquid you want to be?

My answer: I'll prefer to be the chemical that makes a blast sound but not harmful, because when I was in 12th, I always thought to through sodium in water but that was not possible because I was the monitor.πŸ˜‚

QUESTION 18:If you were a spectrometer in a physics lab, what would be your thoughts?

My answer: My thoughts as a spectrometer will be like "hey, don't touch my eyepiece", "oh that's the wrong eyepiece, you don't know how to treat me nicely", "keep your eyes at a little distance "."That's too hot near hydrogen lamp"." please switch on the light I am afraid of darkness".and you know spectrometer experiments are done in a dark roomπŸ˜‚." what a nice spectrum, I am genius".

QUESTION 19:If you get a chance to be the part of the ocean world what will you choose to be?

My answer: I'll choose to be the biggest shark and will go deep down to know all the ocean secrets.

QUESTION 20:If you went to a party, and there you felt that dress code is black formal and you wore a fairy theme party dress, what will you do?

My answer: This is one of the weirdest situations, If I am a black fairy then I'll cut my wings down and if I am white fairy I'll cut my wings and this will be unique that everyone in black and I am in white I'll love this.

QUESTION 21:What would be the advantage if humans can change their skin colors according to there choice.

My answer: Advantage can be, a person can hide easily with the surrounding, but what actually will be done by humans would be, they will all try to be different and best and we will be able to discover many new colors.

QUESTION 22:If there was a sensor in human's blood that whenever a person lie it will make a beeping sound and person will start laughing automatically?

My answer: Then I must say everybody would be laughing and we could hear beeping sound everywhere, I know this one is dark humor.

QUESTION 23:Have you ever tried to ignore a friend call?

My answer: I mostly do this stuff because it's so boring to talk on phones and mostly about those things you did whole day.that's so boring to tell someone about your daily schedule.

QUESTION 24:What will you do when a person whom you were ignoring from several days suddenly come in front of you and forward his hand for a handshake?

My answer: In some situations when I am crazy then I can go by hiding my face with a book. but if I am in the canteen then I'll simply say I've to wash my hands first. and then can leave. 

QUESTION 25: You have a video call with your best friend and you notice that she is sitting with your rival what will be your reaction in the video call?

My answer: I will straightly ask her about who is with her and then I'll talk to that other person and give him some tips to save his life from my best friend.because I don't want my rival to be killed by my friend's madness.

QUESTION 26: One Most hilarious part of your life?

My answer: This answer will be according to your own experience.

QUESTION 27: Have you ever said someone mentally unstable on their face?

My answer: Not most of the time but I think reality should be said on the face.

QUESTION 28:You get stuck to a most horrifying place in the world, what will you do?

My answer: I don't think there is a choice, the only choice is to play games with ghosts and have a chitchat. If I become there friend they'll keep me there forever.πŸ˜‚

QUESTION 29:What will the heart thoughts if it would be a person?

My answer: Heart will always be saying "I only pump blood don't involve me in these love issues."

QUESTION 30:Situation when you have trust issues?

My answer: I have trust issues when people say we can't leave without someone and after somedays living happily without that one.

QUESTION 31:What's your answer when parents ask what you want to do in life?

My answer: It's a surpriseπŸ˜‚.

QUESTION 32:If you were a Mathematician advisor and someone asks how to do maths? 

My answer: two easy steps first, write down given part and second cry.

QUESTION 33:Tell about your hidden talents?

My answer: They are all hidden.

QUESTION 34:Have you ever looked at someone like your mouth open for 30 seconds?

My answer: Nope, only when I am surprised by someone's madness.

QUESTION 35:Do you think believe that if you eat lots of carrots you don't get glasses?

My answer: I don't believe this stuff, I have tried so much for my eyes but nothing works as they are said.


Hope you enjoyed
Thank you
Always smile

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