Hello beautiful!
As you are here I think you are stressed that what should you wear for special occasions to look perfect, beautiful and people are just stunned by you and say wow!. So, I am here to help you need not to worry anymore. There are many tips and tricks with the guidelines below. I hope you enjoy them and  I can assure you that you will find them interesting as well as helpful.πŸ˜ƒ
let's begin 

 Interesting ways  and Tips to look wonderful

1. Allow your hairs to enjoy the freedom: You must be asking what does this mean, So here is your reply It means that there is no need to tie your hairs just let them free. don't tie your hairs. Now you'll be asking why So, here the fact give a center margin to your hairs such that half hairs are on the left side and a half on the right now you'll feel that extra fat on your face is covered by the hairs and this will give a wonderful cut to your face.yes, simple as that. Isn't it simple? Try it now.πŸ’›And one more wonderful fact that your hairs waving in the air will give you a stunning look.

 2. do not wear oversized clothes: As it's heading suggests it is very simple to understand that when you wear oversized clothes you look fattier as well as bigger. So, I will suggest you to avoid wearing oversized clothes. According to my experience when people are habitual of watching you wearing oversized clothes people just feel that you are that much bigger so if you change your look to normal-sized clothes they will feel a change in appearance and weight also. I know we usually wear oversized clothes just to hide the tummy and look slim but this is not the case it will not help you to hide tummy it will make you look bigger and fatter.

3. do not make yourself uncomfortable: By this I mean to say that I have suggested you not to wear
  loose clothes but this don't mean that you have to wear tight clothes to look slim and sexy.you just need to wear normal size clothes not too much loose and not that much tight .first thing when you will be wearing tight clothes it will make you uncomfortable and this will ultimately will ruin your look as well as happiness.

4. Use shrugs or coats:  Now your curiosity will be on asking how to use shrugs. So, here,s your answer if you are wearing some one-piece or shirt or any other single top you can wear a shrug. There are many good options and a variety of shrugs with the latest fashion Wear your matching shrug and this will be beneficial in two ways first it will add beauty to your dress and secondly your extra fat near tummy and other areas will be hidden by that shrug. you will be more comfortable as you need not hide your tummy if someone is looking at you. You can wear coats in winter as it will give you a professional look as well as will hide your tummy fat. There are many other options also like jackets for a college winter look. And I must say a white shirt and black jacket gives a wonderful look.

5. Use Belts: By belts I mean by fancy belts for one piece. I'll suggest you wear a darker color belt than your dress .this is because the first fact is that bright color will attract the attention of people and this will hide your tummy fat and will cover it, as people will focus on the belt as it looks brighter than the dress and this will help you to cover your tummy.example if you are wearing a sky blue color dress you can use a black color belt.
6. How to choose a color for the outfit: It's very simple You should choose the clothes of a dark color example: dark blue, black, red, etc. if you have a choice between light color and dark colors clothes you should try dark one, here's the reason why See, the first thing it attracts attention because they are having a higher wavelength. Secondly, it will add beauty to your look.

7. Wear outfits having vertical and horizontal lines: I suggest you wear clothing having a horizontal or vertical line. Many options and designs are having vertical or horizontal lines with different fashion example horizontal line on pants with two-color brown and black and many other color combination .this will obviously give you a classy look and these lines will play with another person's brain and will distribute your fat and you'll look slim and gorgeous.

8. Choose a long dress with wide cuts: If you are planning to wear gown then I suggest you wear a gown with wide cuts and many layers of clothing such that it covers your tummy fat as well as this will give you a princess look and I must say gowns look more wonderful on chubby girls.
9:Three piece: Three-piece dresses will also look good but the color, as well as style and design of clothes choice, should be right.

10. Short outfits also look wonderful: Short outfit will give you a cute look but there matters your choice of footwear like if you have a dark blue color dress with white color shoes look awesome. So, you need to decide which one gives you a beautiful look.

The most important factor must read :

Confidence: This factor is the most important, You can wear anything in many ways but the most vital role is played by your confidence. Your dress can be expensive or your makeup is too good but if you are not confident then this is waste. You need to understand that you are perfect as the way you are, there is no need to shy or stressed that you look fat or overweight.
So, the first thing is to love yourself the way you are. No need to show anybody your beauty because the correct definition of beauty is 
"Beauty is by inner soul not by body structure or color or height" 
Billionaire smile: By billionaire smile, I mean a real smile that shows your inner purity. This thing is a wonderful gift of god and will automatically attract anybody towards it. I can explain this thing with example  If you go to a party you will always be attracted to a face which will be having the brightest and pure smile this is because we feel positive energy. '
So, be the source of positive energy wear a big pure smile it will add beauty to your whole look.

How to pose for photos

After wearing a dress we are very much confused that how should we pose in front of the camera so that we can have a good photo as the memory of the event. This is one of my habits that if I look fat in some picture I usually delete them and I think most of you do the same thing. So, what I did is that after wearing a dress I stand up in front of the mirror and try out to find out the best pose which I  can make to have a good picture. It helped me a lot.
Some look wonderful in photos with side look as it makes you look slim in photos but this may not be the same in everyone's case. So, I'll suggest you find out yourself which pose suits you as the way I said earlier'
The best trick of having good photos is random clicks when you actually smile 'This is because when we don't know that camera is in front of us we are real and real looks are always the best.
some people are photogenic so they don't even need poses guidance.they just look wonderful in any pose.
don't give a serious look like you are in tension or stress as this ruins the photo .Give a big smile 
\and add life to your photo such that if you see your memories when you are old that smile brings a much bigger smile.
So, these were some experienced guidelines. Hope you enjoy it.
Thankyou cuties 
Have a wonderful day and great life ahead 
Don't forget to love yourself and take yourself on dates. You will love spending time with yourself and you will find your inner self.

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