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As the heading suggests. I'll be telling you about how to introduce yourself in different situations. for example, it can be your interview or the first meeting with a stranger and many more. So, firstly before moving towards the situation it necessary to know the importance of an introduction.

What is all about introducing yourself?

let's take an example from our regular life when we are at our workplace. we daily meet new peoples they can be are going to be a colleague or they can be our customers. So, what's the first thing we want to know about them? obviously, their Name, their qualification, their skill, their nature means it all depends on what the person is. If you are going for a blind date you will be asking about likes or dislikes or professions. So, questions may differ but our only purpose is to simply know about them that's an introduction. To tell someone about yourself according to which question is being asked and what is the situation. why I said according to the situation? because if you are at the metro and some stranger meets you then he can ask your name, your workplace so, you need not answer that I am good at singing or I love playing cricket, right! now moving to the next point.

Why introducing yourself in a good way is necessary?

This is simple to understand we know our first impression is our introduction and by this, another person judges us or assumes about how will be us to them. for example, you are for an interview and you introduce yourself but your lack of confidence was visible with your shivering voice. So, the boss can assume that you are not capable of doing a job for the company even if you have the best qualification, your bad confidence, and way of introducing yourself, ruin everything. and another example can be you met a stranger and when she asked your name you just stand in a straight position with crossed hands and give a precise answer, this will have a bad impression on the stranger that you are rude even if you are not and it was just a normal way of yours.

How to introduce yourself in different situations


  1. Firstly, in this case, your introduction will be in a formal way so, avoid grammatical mistakes. Avoid your informal speech slang. and obliviously don't use words like Hii because these are part of an informal conversation that you can use with your friends or colleague, not with the teacher.
  2. When he asks your introduction first thing is to stand up this will show your confidence and respect towards your teacher.
  3. Start with your name first, then tell him about your previous school, your achievements, what you are best at, then why you chose that subject.and answer all the questions asked by your teacher with confidence accurately and precisely. 
  4. Don't speak in a very low tone and obliviously not very loud tone, keep it normal.
  5. Don't shy and be comfortable with your surrounding.


  1. This will be an informal form of conversation.
  2. Use a relaxed and polite tone with a smile on a face. 
  3. You can start with shaking hands and introduce yourself"Myself ...."
  4. Some introducing lines which you can use are:
  • Hii! It's nice to meet you.
  • My name is ... and yours?
  • Nice name
  • I'm from India and you?
  • I completed my intermediate from..... and you?
  • and then these questions can continue.
Make the other person comfortable. Don't ask too many questions just in one go.
If another person asks about your hobby Then you need to tell him about your things which you love to do and don't forget to ask the same from another person if you have something in common then you can say "oh!this one is mine favorite ".this conversation can go long as much as you want.slang in informal conversation add beauty to it so, here are some useful slang and their meaning


 When the head of the company asks you about tell me about yourself. There are two reasons why they are asking the first thing they want to know that are you capable of doing that Job?  and second, are you fit for the company? and obviously your attitude towards your passion or work.

  1.  This will be a formal conversation, the first thing you should keep in mind, start with the formal greeting like good morning or good afternoon or good evening according to time.
  2. Don't forget to smile.
  3. Be confident and don't fumble.
  4. Now, you can say thank you for giving me this chance of introducing myself, this will create a good impression.
  5. Now, step is to tell your name and speak it in a clear tone. for example, My name is..., or I am...(your name).
  6. Tip: use your full name and avoid saying myself....(your name).
  7. Now, you can tell about your work experience, about your previous company name, your rank, or rewards. whichever shows your ability. above then in the resume.
  8. Now, tell about your qualification if you don't have any work experience earlier. and rewards which you achieved during your qualification. You can talk about your projects and experiences during your graduation.
  9. Now, it's time to tell, about your skills and additional courses.
  10. you can tell about your passions and your qualities like I am a peak player, I am hardworking, and many more.
  11. Now, tell about why you chose the company and how you are best suited for the job, here you can tell about your skills which are good for the company and how you are different from other aspirants.
  12. Tip: read in detail about the company so, that you can know what they want and can answer more accurately.


  1. First, keep in mind if you are introducing yourself to some stranger don't give your sensitive personal details like your mobile number or your house address until you trust them.
  2. If a person is busy on phone or talking to someone else it better to not start a conversation because they might be avoiding conversation. To know more about people behavior by their actions you can use these psychology facts Check out
  3. If a person is just scrolling through the phone then you can introduce yourself to him or her. You can start with "hey! My name is Annie and you?" and can forward handshaking with that person.
  4. Things you must follow, keep a smile on your face, and be confident and also notice the person.
  5. Now, another situation can be a stranger can ask you about your name then you need to answer him politely "My name is Maraia, Nice to meet you." If another person wants the conversation to go on then he might ask you where are you from? your answer will be like " I am from... and you? when he tells about his place. you can say"oh! that's a wonderful place".this makes the conversation more interactive. He might ask "What do you do?" , You need not tell your qualifications just answer it as " I am an engineer" and if the question is what you do in your free time". then you can tell about hobbies, for example, "I  love dancing".or "I love reading books, books are like life".now don't forget to ask hobbies from another person also but in a different way like"what you love to do in your sparse time".if you both have something in common then you can ahead with talking about that. keep the conversation funny as well as interactive such that another person might not feel that you are boring. The topic you will be talking about must be interesting and let the other person present their views and support their views if you like.
  6. I have told you about some common introduction question and their answer it might be the case you need to ask some and some question another person will ask.
  7. Your body language must be calm and as gentle person.if a person seems to be not interested in having a conversation and doesn't make him feel that you are desperate to have a conversation with them.
  8. Be sweet but at the same time don't do flattering like you are so sweet or anything like you look beautiful. You can complement the person but in between your conversation when another person is comfortable with you. Don't start your conversation with a compliment. This might give a bad impression.
  9. In between conversation you can say I noticed that you were reading a book. then an oblivious answer is yeah, I love reading books. Then you can say "I also" if you like or "I  am not a book lover but if you recommend me some interesting one, I'll try ." then she or he might be asking your genre then you can tell your choice like horror or fictional.
  10. In this way, a conversation can move ahead.


  1. When you are in front of many people to introduce yourself, especially when everyone is watching you and listening to you, it creates nervousness so, don't show your nervousness to the other people.
  2. show confidence in your voice, but at the same time, it might not seem to be overconfidence.
  3. Try to interact with the audience by saying Hello friends or good morning or Hello everyone.
  4. Then you must thank them for giving you this opportunity of presenting yourself.
  5. Now, tell your name, your qualification and about yourself which you want them to know according to the group of the audience. You can make your introduction more interactive by adding some phrases and quotes. There are some quotes that will blow your mind.
  6. You can tell some short stories of your life which are inspiring and life-changing moments. As everyone has some moments in life where they decide why they chose something. So, you can tell me about why you chose to be here?


  1. Firstly, start with a "Hello! Mr. ......" and shaking hands
  2. Then your introduction like your name and other things like company name or any other detail if needed.
  3. Then by saying Sir, I need your favor regarding..., or Sir, we need your help or do me a favor.
  4. Then you can ask about your needed information.
  5. Don't forget to thanks, and say nice to meet you.
  6.  Thanks can be like thank you for your valuable time, thanks for the help, or you are a lifesaver.you can check new methods of saying thank you in check out.
Thank you 
Hope this was informative and helpful.
Always smile

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