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you will get to know a lot about Delhi on Wikipedia and you'll be getting many sites which will tell you a lot about places to travel in Delhi. So, your question must be right that How is my website different? So here's my answer I'll be telling you about the places according to my own personal experience of that place, just like a friendly guide😂. Places will be discussed in details and so, I will present them just like you are at those places. So, let's begin with a big smile because you are at the right place if you want to know about places to hang out in Delhi.

Basic Information:

Location: Mathura Road opposite, Hazarat Nizamuddin East, New Delhi, Delhi, India
Architecture Style: Mughal Architecture 
Area:27.04 ha
Nearby Metro: 1.Jor Bagh metro station on the yellow line 
from there you can take a taxi or auto
2.JNL  Stadium on violet line is also the nearest metro station
Architect: Mirak Miraz  Ghiyath


 It is a tomb of Mughal Emperor Humanyu in Delhi. Empress Bega Begum, in 1569-70 commissioned the Tomb.she was the first wife of Humanyu and also chief Consort. It is designed by Mirak Miraz  Ghiyas and his son. Sayyid Muhammad, Persian architects were chosen by her. It was the first structure to use red sandstone at such a large scale and you can see it at first sight. It was the first garden-tomb on the Indian continent. There are many tombs  Humananyu's Tomb, Isa Khan Niyazi, an Afghan noble in Sher Shah Suri's court, the tomb of Empress Bega Begum, Hamida Begum, and  Dara Shikohspan, great-great-grandson of Humayun, Jahandar Shah,
Farrukhsiyar, Rafi Ul-Daulat, Muhammad Kam Bakhsh, Alamgir II, Rafi Ud-Daulat.It has 'Charbah garden, which was not seen before in Mughal architect, it was an art of Persian architect.

 At the time of the Slave Dynasty, this land was under  'KiloKheri Fort' which was the capital of Sultan Kequbad,  (1268–1287).


Humanyu started was in power for 15 years then, he died on 26 January 1556. He accidentally falls from the stairs of his Library.
When Humanyu died his dead body was buried in Purana Qila.after that it was taken to Sirhind in Punjab. Humanyu's tomb was built by the order of his wife empress Bega Begum His wife loved him so much that her sole aim of life was to constructs a memorial of his husband. Charbagh adds beauty to the Humanyu's tomb.at the time of partition of India Purana Qila and Humanyu's tomb became the major places for Muslim refugees to hide. 

My traveling experience at Humanyu's tomb:

Firstly, a note that we went to Humanyu's tomb on Saturday. As this was the weekend so there were a lot of people. So, On weekends days there is a lot of crowds. So, at the entry gate, there was a very big line of people waiting for there Entry. There is a big garden with a lot of greenery, outside the entry gate so people were sitting there and many students from different schools were there, I think they on their school trip. after almost 1 hour we got entry. so for entry, you must pay for tickets. A ticket is not that costly for Indian people it is 40 INR and for foreigners, 500 INR per person.cameras are allowed as it has become a famous tourist place so clicking photos, as well as camera, is allowed.
Now after getting there are two paths one goes straight to the Humanyu's tomb and others on the left side have the tomb of  Farrukhsiyar, Rafi Ul-Daulat, and others. You can see the finest art of Mughals of that time .you will love the greenery and obviously, it is best for clicking photos and video. There you will get a Tourist guide as well, they will help you to know more about that place. I must say when it's the setting time of the sun, it looks more beautiful. I went there with my four friends and it was a great day. So, we first decided to go to the left side and it was amazing you can see the tomb structure. At the gate there is a board that tells you about the Farukshiyyar so, first read it.
There were a lot of Tourists some people were there they're just for spending time with friends and people were genuinely history lovers and many of them were studying Architecture. So, if you are an architecture lover or studying History you must visit there.
That left side was that much big like we were tired after watching that only but you please save your energy because the main monument is left.there were three tombs at one place on the left side I don't remember their names but one of them was of Farrukhsiyar.there were walls structure you can enjoy by walking on the walls too it was great fun to walk on the walls, but don't be afraid they are wide walls structure  😂.
Now, let's talk about the main building that is Humanyu's tomb so, when you enter by a big gate you can see water fountains same as in Tajmahal structure .and when you see it with your eyes you can feel it's beauty like fountains, greenery, and the red stone Humanyu's tomb. I felt so amazing like so real and pure art and it looks so beautiful. I suggest you must click a picture there of the full main building. there are boards for details as well as there are full details maps, as wells as a mini structure of Humanyu's tomb to explain you well, there are many pictures and photos as well as history about it is written in great details. This structure is known for its unique style. The tomb is made up of red stone and rubble masonry and white marbles for flooring. it is a great work of Persian Art and from there you can see a big garden where there are a lot of flowers and greenery,  and seeing such type of greenery in Delhi is just like a blessing. Eatables items are not allowed and there are many guards for its security. Many Bollywood movies are also shot there. The tomb has a height of about 47 meters and has a beautiful base.it is essentially square in design. and the base is a little bit high or we can say raised. In the evening time its at the peak of its beauty. I am not sure but its closing time is 6:oo pm. If you will spend your whole day there then also you will feel that it is not enough to watch the whole structure because it has so many parts.
I have tried to explain you but I know this is not enough because there is a lot of things left but I'll suggest you visit there if you are an architecture lover or you love history or just to chill out with your friends it is a nice place and I must say your own experience will let you know more about it. At last, when we went out of the monument there were so many memories which were created and we still enjoy talking about them remembering about them.So, don't wait you will love to view such a place. 
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