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Watching horror movies is, literally a fun and scary task both at the same time. I personally love watching horror movies even if I am scared after watching them alone at night but still there's always an excitement of watching movies of the horror genre with popcorn and with my favorite person. But finding which horror movie is best sometimes is a difficult task because there are a lot of choices and I don't want to waste my time watching bad content. So, here I am with a list of top 20 best horror movies of the world and I am pretty sure you will love my collection of horror movies. Before listing out the names of theses horror movies I want to make sure are you a horror film lover or not if it's your first time then you will be going to be the lover of horror movies soon. I am not kidding, I am serious. I know to tell you about the story of the movie before, ruins the curiosity of watching horror movies but I'll be giving you a short summary so, that it's easy for you to choose according to your taste of horror movies.


  •  Rating- 5.1/10
  •  Type- Horror-action movie
  • Story outline- Movie story is about an experiment done by a newly elected party of America to study human minds. According to the party if people are allowed to show their anger for one day without the fear of punishments will make the violence level less in the world. People are allowed to vent there anger out for 1 day called"purge"  and will be given money for that. It will be interesting to know what will they come up with after the purge.


  • Rating-5.1/10
  • Type-supernatural horror movie, mysterious
  • Story outline- Movie is all about truth and dare game played by a group of friends, and after some time they get to know that persons who lie in the game are found dead. Death of the people is mysterious and it's interesting to know how it happens and who will be able to save his or her life at the end.


  •  Rating -5.2/10
  • Type-Supernatural horror movie
  • Story-outline- A young girl's body is being possessed by a demon power when she died due to some uncontrollable evil power. Her body was then taken to a funeral church were it was guarded by an officer and that officer experiences some supernatural power. It will be interesting to watch the experience of that officer and if she could save her life and solves the mystery.


  • Rating-5.4/10
  • Type-Mysterious horror movie, supernatural powers
  • Story-outline-Story is about a priest who gets a case to solve the mystery of the death of a nun and when they tried to get the facts about the death mystery things get more typical and bad.


  •  Rating-5.4/10
  • Type-Biography, drama, horror, and fantasy
  • Story-outline- This is a story of a haunted house having seven stories and hundreds of rooms built by Sarah Winchester. She was mad, mysterious and she was capturing spirits with her rifles in her mysterious house and at last, she wants to save her family.


  •  Rating -5.4/10
  • Type-Supernatural horror movie
  • Story outline-This is a story of a woman who killed her own children's and when she felt that she has done wrong she killed herself and her spirit still tries to find out her children to get them back. She starts killing children to find them.


  • Rating -5.8/10
  • Type-Horror, thrill, mystery
  • Story outline- This story is about a family who found a mysterious pet Sematary on the backside of their house in the woods, which has the power to raise the dead. The couple lost their child accidentally and they use that pet Sematary to give her back but things get ugly when they found unusual things happening in the house.


  • Rating-5.9/10
  • Type-Horror, thriller
  • Story-outline-In the story there is one couple which is scared due to his son's extreme intelligence and weird behaviour.H e was becoming violent day by day. He enjoyed killing people.and after that couple consults two experts and found that he is possessed by a demon.


  •  Rating -6.0/10
  • Type-Horror, Mystery
  • Story-outline- Anabelle is back to a new home where there are Judy and her baby sitter. They will face the demonic activity of Annabelle. This will interesting to watch the horror scenes in the movie and mystery regarding Annabelle.


  •  Rating-6.1/10
  • Type:Horror,thriller,supernatural powers
  • Story-outline- Story revolves around a buddy toy who is possessed by an evil power and is  mysterious.things went wrong when it is gifted by a boy by his mother and become her best friend.


  • Rating-6.2/10
  • Type-Horror,thriller,Action
  • Story outline- A couple found a baby in a spaceship and adopt him.when he becomes young he found that he has superpowers and He uses them for doing evil things and killing people.


  •  Rating-6.2/10
  • Type-Horror, Mysterious
  • Story outline-It is a story of a school girl Maria, who has no friends and was fed up with his life because she was not loved by anybody. Things get ugly when she switches her place with her mirror image. It's horrifying to see maria killing people.


  • Rating-6.4/10
  • Type-Horror, Action, and thriller
  • story outline-Story starts from a woman who takes her two daughters to a new house and their first night becomes badest night when some murders entered into the house and that event changes family lives. That night the mother tries to save her daughters and after sixteen years they again go to the same house but things are changed this time.


  •  Rating-6.5/10
  • Type-Horror, Mysterious
  • Story outline- The concept of this movie is a little different. In this movie, a girl dies again and again, and you will be eager to know why she dying, again and again, .and the deaths seems to be an unsolved mystery.


  • Rating-6.6/10
  • Type-Horror, thriller, and action
  • Story outline- movie starts with a serial killer who is creating terror in the city, this story is about a lady who wants to save her life from that serial killer, and it will be interesting to find out if she could save herself at the end.


  • Rating-6.7/10
  • Type-Horror, Action
  • Story outline-Movie is about a mission where American paratroopers were sent and when they reached the place they found things different as to what they were told and were shocked to find out that monsters were created. They tried to get out of the place. It would be interesting to watch their struggle to get save their life 


  • Rating -7.0/10
  • Type-Horror, thriller, mystery
  • Story outline- The story is related to its first part in which the evil clown was defeated by the losers' club team. He came back after 27 years to take his revenge from the children. This movie is based on a novel.


  •  Rating-7.2/10
  • Type-Thriller, Horror, and mystery
  • Story outline-This movie is a story of Grace who reached a party where a game is played and that game latter on turns to a death game where her in-laws wanted to shoot her with a gun. It will be interesting to know whether she could survive or not in the end.


  •  Rating- 7.3/10
  • Type:Horror ,thriller,drama
  • Story outline- Movie story is a little different and thriller. The story starts with the unusual death of a family member in the family and mystery behind her death is scary and daughter of the Matriarch and her grandchildren found many unrevealed secrets about their ancestors. They found themselves in trouble due to sins done by their ancestors.


  •  Rating-7.5/10
  • Type-Horror, Thriller, Drama
  • Story outline-Movie starts with an Abbott family who is stuck at a place where most of the humans are killed by some blind creatures who are noise sensitive. They talk only in sign language to survive. It will be interesting how they survived from that situation.and obliviously movie story is different and rated good.
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