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So, as the topic suggests I'll be talking about my experiences which would help you a lot before entering college. There will be a lot of cool tips for your betterment and personality development Obviously, thank me later😂. I know as most of the viewers who are reading this have completed their 12th and will be entering a new phase of life that is college life. I know to enter college life have mixed feelings sometimes it's very cool, exciting and sometimes it makes us nervous. I still remember when I have done my 12th and have to decide which course  I want to pursue which college I'll get there were many questions in my mind like how will I be able to make friends and many times I think about if doing Physics Hons is a correct decision or will I get admission in college and many more I spent most of the time searching on the internet what is Physics Hons? , what is college life about? but we know this is difficult to get exact information as a way we want because everyone has different experiences and they writes in a different way so hopeful, that this blog would be helpful for you and you need not search more after reading this 

Starting from the first step that is the procedure of admission and deciding which field you want to pursue

So deciding which field you want to pursue, the first question you have to ask yourself is that in which course you are interested in or which field you want to move ahead. I know this is one of the most difficult questions but I'll say this is a question only you can answer because if anyone else thinks for you it will be definitely a burden on you, or think on it that what you love most. See, I was Sure that I want to do Physics You'll ask why because this was my favorite subject and I love doing it I could study it for whole day long . Now, not only deciding what you love you should also know that what scope this subject have for further future what you are going to study in that subject further, this is also an important point. now where will you get help to know about the subject so for physics you can comment me below if you want more details on this subject for another course I will suggest that first search on google, youtube or any other online platform or best option can be your teachers or your relatives who are pursuing the same course you want to do, and obviously, you can ask from your parents for help they will guide you about it,
Now next comes the admission procedure so firstly choose college carefully, and ask advice from experienced people. See in college you can't rely wholly on your professor like in schools you have to do your own efforts which is a must.
Now when this choosing college and  courses is complete next step 

College first day

The first day is the most important in everyone's life and we have a mixed feeling like excitation as well as nervousness. Telling you about my first day I was equally excited and equally nervous because there have been along time that I have not faced such a big class crowd listening to me. when I enter the college I felt like the beginning  of a new life there was a smile on my face then when I entered the class everyone was new for me, all new faces staring at each other, you will definitely feel the same nervousness but this is not a time to be nervous be confident because your body language, your posture speaks a lot about your personality and someone said
your first impression should be the best one
So, now we will be talking about some important facts 

Tips to improve your experience on the first day of college 

  1. Don't feel shy to talk to someone, Remember one thing if you are new then everybody else is also new .so start a conversation with a person sitting next to you you can generally start with an introduction but the important thing is your tone should be friendly and a smile on your face will add beauty to it.
  2. when your professor asks you for an introduction, firstly stand up from your seat, then stand straight and introduce yourself confidently with a smile, now a bonus tip you know there will be many students in class and professor will be asking intro from everyone so if you want that he remember your introduction you must make it different from other because this is human psychology that we remember things which are different so if your introduction will be differently or confidently others will also be influenced by you, 'Wow! this is amazing' you will be happy by listening to this. 
  3. try to make efforts to talk with others who look interested in having a conversation with you this will show your friendly nature and obviously, everyone loves friendly people, and if you want to know more about human psychology you can go on the below link for future details on psychology.
  4. here I want to add a fact so that you don't feel if you make some mistake during your introduction. You will be amazed by reading this that humans love themselves they only remember 2%of others and another 98% about themselves so don't worry no one remembers what you did wrong while speaking.
I have told you about what you have to do now, I'll be telling you the ways to improve your communication skills, your personality because these two factors are important and you should work on them. As you know In college if you want to present your views and you want others to pay attention to you then you must have good communication skill this plays an important part.

How to develop communication skills 

As we know many issues are just solved by good communication .this This is a very important skill and researches proves that other things like your dressing style or anything else being up or down a good communication skill can distinguish what you are going to achieve in further life.
firstly I want to say that good communication skills doesn't mean that you are good in English, this is possible that you can be good in English but not good in communication this is so because communication is not about English it's about your way of presenting your thoughts, your tone of speaking, your reactions on things, your nature towards others, your way of asking something and many more factors, firstly I would suggest you to first try to communicate in your mother tongue to enhance your communication skill then if you want to learn English you can go for it .their are many ways to learn you can learn by audios, videos, you can put a small dictionary in your pocket and many more methods but the thing matter is that you need to work on it.your body language speaks a lot and plays a vital role. It will take time, effort, and hard work because there are no shortcuts to achieve this skill.
listen to reporters, journalists, people who are good politicians, people who are good at the art of communication, you have to choose your role model like whom you want to communicate.
no one is born a good communicator, just practice makes you a good communicator

Opportunities in college which add exposure

You will be getting a lot of opportunities in college to boost up your personality, like their will be a lot of different societies of dance, music, debate and many more so don't hesitate to take part because this is the golden opportunity and will train you for the better upcoming life.
you will get freedom, freedom of thoughts, freedom of presenting your views and freedom of doing what you want to do so, just don't feel that you are entering college only for study besides study try everything as 
a great personality said that everyone has some unique quality and I am sure if you'll try everything you will find out your best quality and work on it.at last success will be at your feet. 
at last
 don't forget to enjoy your college life because this is very important to enjoy every small part of life.
Have fun

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