So you are obviously planning for someone's birthday, and this is an awesome gift to gift them your hand made craft gifts. Sometimes hand made things are more precious than artificial gifts because they are connected to your inner feelings, and shows your deep affection and true efforts to make them feel special.
I love when someone gifts me their hand made crafts because this feeling is like someone is spending their time and efforts on you and signifies they love you a lot. So, this is one of the great ways to show your true love to someone. So, let's create something different, unique, adorable, and lovely gifts for birthday, and at the ending, I'll be helping you with some cute and beautiful birthday quote. I know you are excited so, let's begin

Making a Memory Album

If you have many photos of someone and if they are very close to you this is one of the best birthday gifts, you can give 
For this, all you need is a  Scrapbook firstly cover that scrapbook with a white chart paper or some dark color paper-like brown or black or dark blue and give it a wide border with light color. which will give it a classy look.
On the first page write blessings and Nickname of the person you are gifting it. Place a wonderful and favorite picture of you both and write a true lovely bond or any other quote.
Now in the other pages paste one or two photos on each page write something related to that photo and some hashtags about your memory.
 The person who will be receiving it can feel the vibes and memories and obviously this the best gift for him or her.
Tip: You can paste transparent sheets in between of pages so that it gives it a look of an album
you can decorate pages if you think you are good at drawing otherwise keep it simple and sweet.but then your wordings and quotes, as well as photos, must be expressive enough to show your love

Making  Photo Frame

DIY photo frames for gift homemade

As you can see in the picture, this is simple to make 
You just need four small pieces of wood and you have to connect them like a square with iron nails. and
four more rectangular pieces of wood connected as the square same size as above one connect both squares. Keep in mind the size of the square should be equal to the photo you have.
Now, decorate the border with some flowers or write some quotes on-page and paste them on the frame
you can use ribbons also to decorate. When you complete your frame then place your photo in between those two squares. The photo frame is complete.

Box Of Hearts

This one is innovative and creative and easy to make.

You will need a box first, cover the box with sheets and decorate it with blessings and quotes and also a beautiful decorative stone of diamond shape, when the decoration of the box is complete.

It's time to make hearts. Take some sponge to make a small size of hearts. form many hearts to place inside the box.

Take colorful sheets and write something which you want to tell or say like "you are my soul", "always smile and many more as per your choice make small chits and fold them. Now, make a cut an on sponge hearts and place those chits on those sponge hearts and place them in the box. Write a short note that "find out hidden feelings".this will bring a smile on the face of the person and obviously this is creative.

Tip: You can hide small gifts also in sponge hearts like a ring or earrings or any small gift.

Funny Gift

For this, you need a box the same as I told earlier. If you were finding some mysterious gift then this is it.
Now, decorate the box properly with lots of love.inside the bok firstly paste a spring and above that spring paste a small box with open top and fill some sand or white powder in it. Spring should be enough tight that when anybody opens it then whole white powder pops out to the mouth. I know this is interesting and humorous if you are creating this don't forget to tell me your experience in the comment box.
Tip: Check it once before parking if either it's properly fitted or not. and I'll suggest doing wonderful packing of the gift to make it look innocent­čśé.

Chocolate Box

This for those who are dying heart fans of chocolates and loves chocolate beyond anything.
This is easy to form, You first need a box and a scissor now open up the box and cut all its corners.
decorate the box with dark blue color paper and a dark rose on the top this will keep it simple and lovely. Next step is to choose a variety of chocolates and paste them one by one on inside part of the box each and every piece of the box must be covered with chocolates Now, to make it more innovative put some shot slips of paper on each chocolate and you can write lines about than person such that each chocolate remembers humor her about you. Cool right
Now, take the top face of the box to close the box. such that when the person opens the top of the box it becomes like a plain sheet and all chocolates are visible with chits


This is one of the amazing gifts and simple to make.
First, take a very big sheet like a chart paper paste a thermacoal sheet on the backside now paste all the photos you have with that person as a memory such that there is no space between any photos, I am sure this is amazing to watch such a collage on a birthday. Photos should be in an irregular manner just make them look interconnected. 

Handmade Necklace

You will love this one.
Take a piece of wood and cut it in a shape of heart or diamond such that there is space in between on this space paste a small circular metal with two photos one on front and one on the back and keep in mind this metal is only attached at one place just at the top with the heart. now by a hook put a silver color chain in the necklace and the necklace is ready to be gifted.

Handmade Bracelets

The process is the same as we did in necklace just you need to put a wide piece of a rubber band that can be wear in hands instead of chain for boys and for girls you can keep it the same with the chain but with small size chain for hand.

Handmade Keyrings

Keyrings are always a good way to express your love and affection.
Take a piece of wood and cut it in the shape of the first letter of birthday guy name then give it with a chain .and if possible then you can dip the wooden letter in silver color paint to make it look more attractive. If the name of the person is short then you can make a full name keyring also.

 3D Painting

As the name suggests this is a wonderful gift for a person if you make a hand made 3d painting for him or her. But if you are not such a good artist then I can help you with a trick many apps transform the actual image into 3d painting type you only need to convert and take a print out and then with a beautiful border gift it.

Favorite Model

This is very creative. Create a model of the thing that the person likes, like it can be a car then you can make a car model with cardboard, plastic, or wood, as per your convenience.

Architectural Monument

you can gift a hand made architectural monument if that person is a history lover or loves to travel. For example, you can create Tajmahal with woods and cardboard, or great Eiffel tower with cardboard or with stone or Humanyun tomb as per your choice.

 Painting On Stone

This is simple and creative. You just need to make a small painting on stone with paint colors and gift it to that person. This will be adorable.

Handmade Guitar

 If your friend is a music lover gift him a mini guitar and if you can make a big one then this would be a great and wonderful gift. Use different materials for its formation and If  you are gifting it to a kid then I suggest you gift it with a small toy

Soap Designing

This one is the creative idea of making some creativity on soaps. Isn't it cool? They will love it
Take soap and make some art on it and give it a wonderful look and gift it.

Horrifying Gift

For this turn your room into a horror place with homemade creatures like make some bats, some candles and wear a ghost dress to give a birthday shock. Invite them to your place and Don't forget to play the most horrifying music at the back to make the environment a little bit more terrifying to make their birthday unforgettable.

Hand Made Birthday Cards

 1. Take the plain paper from the scrab book, you can choose any color and if you want a big birthday card then you can take chart papers also.I'll suggest to take a paper of light colors so, that your writing is visible on the paper.
2. Now, it comes to the base of the paper. So on the base, you can use glitters of green, golden, yellow or any color which suits the background and keep in mind you have to write also on the page so use light sparkles and another innovative idea is take an eraser, cut it in different small size shapes like heart shape or diamond shape or circle whichever you like. Dip them on paint color and a little bit bright than the background but of the same color or matching color of the background then sprinkle some sparkle if needed. Now keep the base for some time to dry it well.
3. If you want to keep the card of a single page then there is no need to fold it but if you want 4 pages then I'll suggest you fold it after completing your base work
4. Next, the most important thing is the border of the card if you are good at drawing so some examples for the border are like you can use creative flowers, and can make them on corners and connect them with curve line with some leaves this will give it a lovely look. Colour of flowers should be more bright than paper color to make it creative and another creative idea is at the front page paste a hand made rose by a piece of cloth it is easiest to make and golden flower by wire can also be made easily.
and if you are not good in drawing then you can use a scale for making horizontal lines on the corner then fill color in lines leaving in between one .or just make some vertical line on one side of paper like five or six lines and then make a bow a little above the card ending.and last is take a style scissor to cut curve lines and then paste these on the border of the card, it will give a classy look to your card.but keep in mind border should be darker than the card background.
5. Cut some cuttings on paper of the shape of a butterfly and you can paste them on the front to make it look dreamy.
6. Now the last step is to write beautiful quotes on middle and happy birthday on the first page and on the last page must write a blessing and not only writing but writing innovatively and beautifully is a must.
The card is complete let's move to the next idea
This was simplest and easy if you want more ideas regarding cards then comment me below.

Pumpkin Crafts

Pumpkin craft best DIY birthday gift ever

Gave an awesome look to pumpkin which makes it a most appreciable gift for his/her birthday. just pumpkin game it a shape of Animal, human face, monument, etc.it would be the loving gift and most attracting in front of thousands gift.


yes, it's a simple gift but make changes to this trend make it creative which gives it a great look, for example, make a bouquet with shoe design old waste shoes and gave them a finishing look. that would be an awesome gift for the person.

Paper Designing

DIY gift ideas: paper cake

Designing with paper is a tip difficult and too long work but it has its great value due to its great look. you could design animal structure, palace, historical things, and even a fake cake. It looks pretty cool.

Vegetable Craft

Create a huge variety of fake vegetables with paper rope and gave it a real look to  look gorgeous
absolutely it is an awesome gift for birthdays.

As DIY gifs are more thankful greeting then owing gifts. 

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