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Well, How are you? 😂don't be shocked I am asking this because I think this is the most important question and should be asked often. There are so many reasons I am asking this because we all are dealing with a great problem with Pandemic which is somehow depressing. and obviously, we are listening to bad news from all sides like more earthquakes, floods somewhere, people who killed a female elephant in Kerala, actually this female elephant case was one of the trending topics some days back and Now, yesterday only we learned about The suicide of a famous film star 'Sushant Singh Rajput'.He was found hanging in his home. As people are connecting it with depression but I can't be sure about the reason because I am not a news reporter, but starting by this topic my aim was to make you understand that depression, anxiety, and other health issues are common in Nowadays life.you will be asking why?
see, Our normal schedule is so busy like we don't even have time to pay attention to our health.some points I want to mention here  are like:
  1. This is one of the trending habits that we wake-up to late nights and our morning usually starts up to 11:00 am. In all our history books which teach us the right way of living life mentioned that we should wake up before the sun rises.try this once you will feel the positive energy in yourself. I Think it like this if I wake up early I Feel like I won by the sun as he is late, please don't smile😂this just my method of getting up early before the sun wakes up. Researches show that who wake up till late nights they gain weight. And gaining weight is not good for health. So, our start is wrong so how can be the day right.
  2. For the whole day long we have to sit and work which is also not good for health.
  3. Using phone every 10 minutes and for a small thing, we have forgotten to enjoy the beauty of nature .we are always busy with social media friends but I must say Our best friend is nature we should spend some time with it. It not only enhance our health but also helps us to feel the power and beauty of nature. I must if you once started spending time with nature it will become a part of your life.
  4. If I'll ask you if there are a lift and stairs and you have an option to go to the third floor which would you choose. I am sure many of you will choose the lift 😂. Am I right?.so by this small act you could have done some effort towards taking care of your body but you choose by lift.
These are small points If you are more concerned about your health ask a question to yourself Are you doing something for your healthy body? if the answer is yes then you are on the right path and if the answer is No, then just from this moment start something, for making yourself healthy and the best method is by Yoga 
So, in the next part, I'll be explaining to you why yoga is necessary?
let's begin
Indeed, it is astonishing fact that a yogic tradition, which is more than ten thousand years old, has become a popular way of living life in a correct manner. Presently, people consider yoga as the best way to achieve a healthy as well as a positive lifestyle. In fact, the power of yoga lies in its simplicity, flexibility, and diversity. Yoga helps us to improve our mental health as well as physical health. It lowers the stress level, increases our confidence, and improves our flexibility and overall contributes to a healthier and perfect lifestyle. There are many diseases like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, back pain, migraine, and depression which can be prevented and treated up to some extent with the help of yoga.

Meaning of Asanas 

Asana means 'sthiram sukham aasanam' which means ' that position which is comfortable and steady'.The ability to sit comfortably in the same position for an extended period of time is called asanas body is kept in various positions such that it activates organs and glands such that they work more efficiently and which will contribute to improving mental as well as physical health. In brahmanopnisad," to sit in position or posture for an everlasting period of time is called asanas'.
Prevention from many diseases and delay aging are some desired effects that can be achieved by yoga and asanas.
There are many  types of asanas like meditative asanas, relaxative asanas, and corrective asanas and regular practice of these above asanas improve the digestive system and many other organs which will ultimately help to avoid various lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, etc

Benefits of Asanas 

  1. The immune system is strengthened: By regular practicing of asanas and yoga our immune system is strengthened and we become less prone to various diseases like cold, cough, fever, diarrhea, etc. and strengthening the immune system is very important because if a person's immune system is weak, it affects his productivity, kills happiness and obviously a person who is always suffering from diseases will absolutely feel weak and less active and less joy in living life 
  2. The nervous system improves: Asanas helps to strengthen our nervous system and by that working efficiency of synapse enhances. The secretion of adrenaline remains good because the secretion of adrenaline depends on the sympathetic nervous system. .Activities will be done by expending less energy so the person would not feel a lack of energy and will be more energetic and full of life. Our mental power also increases which means we are less affected by stress and other problems. The reaction time reduces and feeling of disappointment reduces.it also enhances memory power and which means we can remember many things without taking stress.
  3. Muscles become strong: Due to the regular practicing of asanas our muscles become strong and fat does not accumulate in the body and hence increases the efficiency of muscles.
  4. Respiratory organs work more efficiently: By practicing asanas our size of lungs and chest increases and vital air capacity increases up to 6500cc.and this will prevent diseases like cough, asthma, and cancer.
  5. Excretory system efficiency increases:  asanas enhance the efficiency of excretory organs. As a result waste product such as lactic acid, phosphate, sulfates, uric acid, etc., are excreted quickly and properly which help in delaying fatigue.
  6. The digestive system enhances: Asanas enhance the digestive system of our body. The absorption of food becomes more efficient. diseases like constipation, indigestion, and gas are reduced. Appetite increases and storage of bile in gall bladder in concentrated form is enhanced.
  7. Glandular activity is stimulated: By doing asanas demand insulin is reduced and glands produce hormones in sufficient quantity that are collected and are used at the time of need. This helps to improve diabetes management and the balanced development of the body.
  8. Bones and joints become strong: Asanas enhance the flexibility of the body. The flexibility of the spine increases. Arthritis is cured by asanas. Postural deformation is corrected and prevented.
  9. Circulation of blood becomes normal: The level of blood cholesterol reduces. Blood circulation enhances and blood pressure normalizes and stabilizes.
So, these points show how important is yoga so, what are you thinking about? don't waste time and add this to your daily routine and I promise you won't regret it.
thanks 😃

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