Stress can be good as well as bad. firstly, You should know what is Stress? Stress is a condition of the brain, It is like an emotion when we are thinking about something or any event, or person or task which makes you angry, frustrated, excited, or nervous. It can be good when it helps you to do your work before the deadline or helps you to concentrate on your studies or work to complete work on time, but it can be bad when it takes you to depression and health issues like headaches or any mental disease. It is a normal feeling but if it exists for a long time it can be a reason for mental disorders or any other health problems, so it's better to find a way to manage stress. It is an acute disease but can turn to chronic if not managed well.


 Anxiety is quite similar to stress in symptoms and many people use anxiety and stress as a synonym, but there is a little difference between Anxiety and stress, which is,  stress is basically for external pressure situation and is cured when the situation is over but anxiety reasons are sometimes difficult to find, it can be anything which scares or threaten us and can affect the brain and mind as well as physical health.

These both are human feelings, but as a great person's saying "everything is good up to a limit and Excess of anything is bad".But Need not to hyper because these are just a human emotion and brain reaction to something.


  • Phobia -Things that make you scared.
  • Separation anxiety-separating from those you love.
  • Rejection-Any type of rejection you faced, can be any job or relationship or friendship.
  • medicines-sometimes few drugs can make you stress.
  • workload- Workload can make you stress.
  • Watching sad movies or series for a long time.
  • Spending time alone and feeling lonely.
  • Less Expressive -hard to express feelings.
  • Failure-It can be a failure in a job, dream, relationship, or anything.
  • Not good health
  • Standing in-crowd
  • Future tensions
  • Sometimes social media-It can affect you very badly when used excessively, and people affect you a lot.
  • Overthinking-Thinking on an incident again and again and at last, comes to no conclusion.
These are very few reasons because there are a lot more and there can be many types also, depends on person to person.


  • Forgetting things often
  • Stomach problems like diarrhea or constipation.
  • Headaches-This is the most common symptom of any health problem.
  • Tiredness- feeling of laziness and tired without doing something.
  • Stiff jaw and neck
  • Weight loss or gain-because some people overeat during stress or anxiety, whereas some don't feel like eating food.
  • Sleepless or oversleeping
  • frequent pain in the body
  • Bad mood
  • Overtalking or no mood of talking
Now, When you know about the symptoms of anxiety and stress, it's important to know stress management.for that read further.



What is Stress Management?

This is simple to understand, for example, you are the manager of a company. You just need to sit at your place and make a note or file about how to manage the company in such a way that it gives profit and help the company to become a successful company, You know this is an important job and the task assigned to you is also very important for the company as well as for you, same is with stress, it is a normal feeling but can be a chronic disease like a company destroyed because of bad management, So it's very important to manage stress in a way, that helps you to grow. The problem you are facing will remain the same but if your way of thinking towards the problem changes then you can enjoy life in a better and beautiful way because life is not about stressing yourself about small problems, it is something bigger and wonderful than that.


WAY 1:The most important step is to find out the reason why you are feeling stressed or anxiety disorder because without knowing about the reason, it's impossible to find the solution to your problem. And it's necessary to find a solution for the problem rather than running from the situations and feeling tension and depression.

Ask a few questions to yourself to find out the reason

Question 1:What makes you stressed?

Question 2:Is it a normal mood swing or it affects your health?

Question 3:Do there are more than one reasons which make you stressed, and have become a  part of your daily life?

Question 4:When did you laugh last time? If this is around a long time you don't remember then you definitely need to move out of this situation?

These questions will help you out to find out the correct reason and to analyze your condition.

 When You have found out the reason the next important step is to do something about your stress and anxiety disorder.

#TIP 1: Try to avoid Overthinking about a problem or about a person, because when a thing has happened it cannot be changed by your overthinking. If you had done some mistake then correct them if possible, and if you can't do anything about it then leave the topic.

#TIP 2: Now, point come how to avoid overthinking about a topic, So here the solution diverts your thoughts to something you like to do the most. like if you like dancing then turn on your speaker and dance so much that you forget about all your stress.same with singing, gardening, cooking, swimming, we all have some hobbies try those out and if you are bored with old then try something New. When we try new things our whole mind concentrates on learning that because we all are born with the most magical gift of God that's the brain. It is so amazing as well as it's important to feed it with good thoughts, views, and knowledge.

#TIP 3: Communicate with new people. This is important because researches say that when we communicate with strangers or new people we feel fresh it's like doing something new which makes you happy.

#TIP4: Share your feeling- Rather than keeping your unwanted thoughts and feeling in your mind just speak them out to a close one. Sometimes some issues are very small but because of our less expressiveness we make them big and when we share them with our friend, family, a partner we realize that the issue was so small. This will make you relaxed and you'll feel happy.

#TIP 5: Celebrate life: what I mean by enjoying life or celebrating life, It same as we celebrate festivals but for festival celebration, there is a fixed date but we can celebrate life at any moment. In the morning by waking up you can celebrate it by saying that I got a new day, new chance to do more better and leaving all the past mistakes or things behind, starting afresh because not everybody gets this opportunity, Take yourself for a date, enjoy life wherever possible, Laugh at critical situations because you know that they are for a short time, you can enjoy hard times also because when your good time will come and you'll look back, you'll find your determination, hard work and things you learned from them.

#TIP 6: make some time fun time, relaxing time -Sometimes it becomes hectic to do the same work daily, so you just need to take a break, take some time to refresh your self and start with new energy again.

#TIP 7: Get together with old friends,family-This is a perfect choice to make your mood awesome, and this also strengthens your bond.

#TIP 8: Speak up for yourself. Try to say 'no' if you don't feel like doing something.

#TIP 9: Try to be with people who make you laugh not stressed. Be in a good environment or try to make your environment the best for yourself.

#TIP 10: Try to channelize your energy for good things. Make a schedule in the morning for your day, Make a goal for the day, try to complete your goal and you'll feel satisfaction like achieving something.

#TIP 11: when you think about a problem which makes you stressed then think that about what will be its effects after, on a big picture. Sometimes some problems can't affect our future until we are giving them a chance to do so.

#TIP 12: Don't try to control something which is not in your hands.

#TIP 13: Appreciate yourself. This is very important, it makes you feel happy as well as encourages you.

#TIP 14: Help others in any way, this will definitely make you happy.

#TIP 15: Avoid Blaming, yourself as well as others, try to forgive and move ahead without repeating the same mistake.

#TIP 16: Balance Diet -This is the most important factor and must be considered one of the best tips to be stress-free and anxiety-free.

#TIP 17: Move on because life goes on, try to schedule your life towards a correct path.


Tricks For Stress Relieving

Below mentioned are tricks which I use when I am stress, These are all experimented by me, they are a little weird but will obviously, make you happy, hope they are helpful for you.

  • Sing songs louder-Even if I am not that much good singer but this thing always helps me, It refreshes mood and all tiredness flew away in few seconds. If you don't want that somebody listens to you then just turn on the speaker and sing because you'll feel you're a pro singer. Sometimes I record my audios and listen to them which makes me laugh. Recording dance video also helps because we are busy in finding out that what is most beautiful step and where is a mistake and our mind diverts.
  • Appreciating Yourself In front of a mirror: This is one of the best tricks which always works, Whenever you feel low just speak about your good points in front of the mirror and you'll feel amazing after that.
  • Talk to Yourself loudly: I love this one, because when  I don't feel like talking to someone about my problem or thoughts. I just talk to myself loudly because it is easy to express things to yourself and Need not to regret.
  • Help needy- This can be a plant that needs water or a kid that needs food or any other person it will definitely make you happy.
  • Playing Outdoor Games to forget about any stress.
  • Doing physical exercise or yoga
  • Writing down all thoughts in a diary.
  • looking at a wall and without looking at page drawing just by thinking about your problem.
  • writing down a to-do list
  • Listening happy songs avoiding sad songs
  • Always remembering that no problem is bigger or important than life so, no need to waste life thinking something useless.


Stress Relieving Gadgets


At last one more advice, whenever you feel stress or sad just go to your favorite place and have your favorite food, this will make you feel awesome.
Hope you like stress-relieving tricks and the information provided was helpful for you. If you want more details about gadgets, just comment me below and also share your experience after using the above-mentioned tricks and tip, I would love to read
Thank You 
Stay Healthy and happy.

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