Everyone wants a job that is high paying and gives you a lot of perks and also you have an interest in that job. But the first thing which I want to mention is that interest is important because if you are interested in work and feels happy about doing something then there is a lot of scope of success. A great saying that "If you choose your interest then afterward it generated money itself".Then secondly skills are very important in each and every job if you want to be the best then you must work on your skills.No job could be the best paying until you are best at skills that are needed for the job. Let's take an example of great personality Chetan Bhagat, he was the best student of IIT, Delhi known as the most prestigious university but then chose writing as his career because writing is his passion. So you should work on things about which you are passionate. I am here with the list of India's Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs with a short detail about each. Hope it will guide you to choose your career.

10. SOFTWARE ENGINEERS(full-stack software developer)

Their main task is to convert user requirements into the product. They build the front side as well as the backside of a software. You must be skilled in a good payment. You should have knowledge of different coding languages and computer friendly. Qualification needed for full stack developer is a bachelor's degree in It or computer science with some online courses on full stack developer and a good knowledge of computer programming makes you eligible for this job. A new software engineer gets up to 6 lakh per annum and a person with 5 to 6-year experience can get up to 10 lakh but this may vary according to the company you are working with.


This is among high paying job in India .and obviously, you can see that demand of lawyers are always at the peak because at population rises, crime rises and issues also rises. and If you are a good lawyer then your demand is high. People will approach you automatically.aand not only in court lawyers are also needed in Army forces also. This profession is good. Your salary will be depending on your work. On average it's around  lakh if you are less experienced and if you are experienced then it's around 12 lakhs


As the name suggests it's a marketing job this profession is for those having a creative mind with good communication skills. Marketing professional is a job of attracting customers towards a product, branding a product, related to its an advertisement, grow share market for business,demand-based pricing of products and obliviously this job is a well paid as well as future in this profession is bright by which I mean that this profession will be on growth in upcoming time not only in India but foreign also.
salary is around 16 lakh and more depends on your skills.


Aviation is a Profession that is basically buying or selling of aircraft, but Pilots are also well paid in this profession as well as the Director of  Aerospace management are best paid in this profession. Some skills which are needed for this profession is communication skill, critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving attitude. Salary of a pilot depends upon the aircraft but on average they are paid 12 lakh or 20 lakh or more.


The petroleum and natural gas industry is a growing industry and well paid also because this is the basic need in today's world and obviously it needs more man force as the population and demand are increasing day by day. You just need to have good communication skills, strong math, hardworking nature, and a problem-solving attitude with interest in big machinery. There is always a need for drilling specialists, production engineers, and petroleum engineers. Its salary is around 8 lakh and if you go further then up to 50 lakh. but also depends On your work.


You must have heard about it. it's not a cup of tea you need a lot of hard work and patience first to become a doctor and then to work as a doctor. Surgeons are best paid in this stream but many other specialists are also well paid. Surgeon's salary  according to your skills and depends on the city also like in Punjab around 1 lakh per month and in Chennai, around 31 thousand per month.this is a well-paid job


You can say that this is a demanding career option. A business analyst is a person who guides the way in which a company or business will progress. It handles data and analyses an organization and helps in improving the business. Skills which are very important are communication skill, analyzing, problem-solving skills, creative thinking,self-managing, and many more. Its salary is about 10 lakh to 22 lakh per annum and an increase or decreases depends upon the company.


This needs a lot of hard work to become a charted accountant but once you become a CA then there are a lot of perks. After the GST demand of CA has an increase in India .but because it's exam is tough very fewer people give it a try or dream of it. In an order to grow business, there is always a need for a charted accountant. Skills needed are strong math, analytic skill as wells a solving complex problem in an easy way. Its salary is about 4.8 lakh to 32.5 lakh per annum.


This is one of the highest paying jobs not only in India but also worldwide. An investment banker's job is to help their clients to invest their money in order to get a high profit in return. they basically advise for a better investment. People with strong entrepreneurial skills and good communication skill then this is best for them. The average salary of beginners in this profession is around 6 lakh per annum.


CEO or management professionals are the heart of a company and are paid very well. They manage a company. There is a need for good qualifications, managing skills, and a good amount of experience is needed. Their average salary depends upon there companies as it can be 1 lakh per month or 15 lakh per month and it totally depends upon the company and your skills.

few more jobs which are well paid


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