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Friendship is a very precious relationship in which we choose our bond ourselves. Sometimes a good friend is like a treasure and the best decision of your life and it always stands with you at every even or odd situation and sometimes your one mistake in choosing friends, makes you regret the whole of your life. I did a few mistakes in choosing friends but they taught me some lessons for further life. But not always I did Mistake, I had chosen some good and some best friends also who know me more than I do. 
who stands for me when I am alone, they help me, hang out with me, listen to my senseless talks, stupid dreams with all of there interest and that's makes me feel that I am not an ordinary one, something is different in me.
This is a difficult task to know whether you and your friends share a special bond or there is fakeness in your relationship. I hope this friendship quiz helps you to find out about your true friendship.

Now, the first thing is you should ask yourself a few questions before you ask your friend.
  1. The best quality list of your friend?
  2. What is one statement you'll say about your friend's mood swings?
  3. You were there when your friend needs you the most?
  4. Some unique habits of your friends which only you notice?
  5. Do you study your friend's moods?
  6. If you have to choose between love, friendship, and money what will you choose?
  7. If you are the only person you can save your friend's life, will you help?
  8. What is the current thing they need the most?
  9. What you do when your friend cry?
  10. Do you save at least 1 minute in your busy schedule for your best friend?
  11. Do you share everything with your friend?
  12. What is your both's favorite friendship point?
  13. List of your friend's favorite things?
  14. What are the weird habits you both have in common?
  15. Did you ever cry in front of your friend?
  16. How long have you known your friend?
  17. How many times you usually fight on an issue?

There are very few and common questions, If you can answer them that means that friend is really very close to you. I don't mention Friend's birthday date because I could not remember these dates and I don't think remembering date is so important but one thing which I do is I check their Instagram bio for there birthday date and set a reminder and I believe that at certain days we should make them feel that they are important and special in your life. So, I prefer doing some special efforts for them at some particular days like friendship day.birthday, or otherwise, any day.

Now, friendship quiz questions You can play it like a game It is quite interesting that with the help of a game you are going to know many things. So, I'll suggest you try this as a question Game.

Friendship quiz questions:
  1. Tell About a weirdest and common habit of mine?
  2. What is a one-sentence, if you have to define our friendship?
  3. If you get a chance to write a book on our friendship, what will be the title of that book?
  4. My recent favorite song?
  5. Do you remember my latest interest, what is it?
  6. What are the three things we have in common?
  7. Do you think I have a role in your future life?
  8. What is my best quality you like the most?
  9. What is the thing I love to do the most?
  10. What are the most important things in my life?
  11. List a few of my hobbies?
  12. What is one of the best fantasy mine?
  13. What is the thing which irritates me the most?
  14. What I need when I am in a bad mood?
  15. What is the list of things I get angry at?
  16. What is my favorite cuisine?
  17. What is the one thing which is always with me?
  18. What is my favorite show?
  19. Which is my favorite street food?
  20. What could be the first present I gave to you?
  21. What is the first present you gave to me?
  22. Who is my latest crush?
  23. What is the first thing I notice in someone?
  24. What is the most common sentence of mine?
  25. What type of people we both hate?
  26. What I need when I am angry?
  27. What is my favorite place to go for a hangout?
  28. What was the reason for your first fight?
  29. What is the best thing we do when we are together?
  30. Have you ever Ignored me?
  31. When did I hurt you, What was the reason?
  32. If we get one hour to spend with each other, which things we both will love to do?
  33. What is my most annoying habit you hate?
You can add more questions if you want to know more and these questions can a base idea for friendship quizzes.
Questions to study about your friendship
  1. If you don't meet your friend for one month what will your reaction when you see them?
    • If it feels awkward then you are short term friends.
    • If it's like you met one day before and super relaxed this means your friendship is long-lasting.
  2. Do you both understand each other without saying a single word?
    • If you both understand each other well without any language only by feeling this means your friendship is pure and you share a special bond.
  3. Do you both are close to each other's family members?
    • if you know each other family members well and are like siblings this means your friendship is a long term friendship
  4. Do you both think before sharing your food?
    • If you fight for tasty food that's common and is a sign of good friendship 
    • but if you both feel awkward in eating each other food this is a sign of fakeness.
  5. Do you share everything with each other?
    • If you share even a single thing with your friend this means you are true friends.
    • and If you share limited to stuff that means something is missing.
  6. Do you ever feel awkward silence in your conversation?
    • This is a sign of strangeness because BFF has a lot of things and I think time became less when we have a conversation with our BFF.
  7. Does your friend feel jealous when you spent time with someone else?
    • If your friendship is strong then there is no jealously, but if it exists then up to a certain limit it is quite fun.
  8. Do your friend support you when you discuss something about your career?
  9. Do your friend advise you when you do something which is not good for you?
  10. Do your friend is angry when some other person says something against you on your back?
    • If your answer is yes, for 8,9,10 questions then don't ever lose that person, that person is precious.
  11. Does your friend warn you about people who are not good for you?
If your friendship lasts even in the worst situation then that's the strongest thing in this world 
Never lose a friend who cares for you but doesn't show it to you. If you are making new friends then also save some time and meet your BFF have fun with them. If you are ever depressed just call them once tell about your mood and you'll see you'll forget about your problem and will be laughing at each other's stupid jokes. When your friend needs you, you have to be there .when nobody supports you both then you both must be the power of each other. One most important thing
" If you want a true friend ,first you should learn to be the one."
Thank You
Hope you love the content
Have a nice day
May God bless you with true friendship. 
Always smile.

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