We know that this is difficult to make kids having a healthy diet because they are the moody kings or Queens. Kids need to have a healthy diet because they are at the stage of Growing, and each vitamin and nutrient should be in there in their food for proper growth of Brain and Body, So, here are few Food Hacks for kids, This will give healthy food, a yummy taste, and cool texture, which will be definitely loved by your children, and your all stress and worries about your children's healthy diet will definitely, come to an end., let's begin

Milk Hack For Kids

If your children always make excuse to drink Milk, then Here's a Trick.
Take one glass milk and add a little chocolate,bournvita, or Nutella in it. This will turn the color of milk and will add taste to it. You can also add Kesar(Saffron) to Milk because it is healthy and has many benefits like it improves the Digestive system, strengthens the immune system, protects from cold. Another good option can be dry fruit because they are healthy and kids enjoy Dry Fruits. Health Benefits of Dry Fruits are More than you can think of, So, it's a healthy option.

Prepare Kheer(Rice Pudding), So, that they can enjoy a sweet dish and also, they can get all the benefits of Milk as well as Rice and dry fruits. This will be definitely a healthy option.

Prepare different dishes with Milk

Fruit Custard-This is like having something healthy, in one bowl, It tastes Yummy and you can add fruit according to your kids' taste. and When it is cold, it tastes like an Ice-Cream which is always Kids Favourite.

Ice Cream at home with only milk and dry fruits-You just have to boil Milk until you get half it's volume, then add some dry fruits and sugar, then cool it and then keep it in the refrigerator, you'll get a smooth and yummy Ice Cream.

Paneer -As it can be made at home, with milk, this is the yummiest option, you can make panner in many ways like you can fry it in butter and then give it to your children, or Try to make it, same as we cook vegetables, that called"Panner Burji" can enjoy it.

If your kid doesn't like curd, then simply add some black pepper, some salt, some chilies to you Curd with small pieces of cucumber, and Pomegranate seeds. It will make your curd Tasty and yummy.you can add chopped onions, to add more flavor.

These are different ways by which you can make your milk healthy and yummy.

And most important is how you Decorate, Or how you present food in front of them. Children love different Shapes and they find it more interesting if you decorate it well.

There are many ways, you just need to use your creativity, which you stooped working on after schools.

Food Hacks for Kids

Wonderful Chappati

If you make a round Chappati, then give it a new look or shape like Heart Shape, Star Shape. If this is enough then well if not, then

Decorate the border of Star Chappati with some butter or ketchup. and make a smile on it.

If your Kid make excuse in eating Cooked Vegetables, then this Food Hacks are amazing,

Take a chapatti as a base, now spread your cooked vegetable on that, now place another chappati on top, and decorate its upper side the same as we do with Pizza. They'll love to eat this version of cooked vegetables.

Now, another option can be Take a Chappati as a base and put you cooked vegetable on it and then cheese, as a kid loves cheese then bake it in the oven, Your Healthy pizza is ready, serve it with Ketchup.

Another Easy idea is, make a veg roll. This is simple, take your cooked chapati and spread your cooked vegetable, few chopped onions, and then spread ketchup and make rolls.
You can add more vegetables like cauliflower or any green vegetable as per your choice.

Try new dishes, so that they don't get bored.

You can use bread instead of Chappatis, Like take two bread, spread some butter, your cooked vegetable,sauce-like red chili, green chili, tomato ketchup and then another bread on it and now place some oil on a pan and then put your bread on it to cook them, this tastes like a sandwich. You can add vegetables according to your Kid's choice.

You can make stuffed paratha with vegetables and serve them with green chutney or curd or ketchup, pickles.
Kids love Aloo Paratha and it's healthy also.

Do you Know South Indian Dishes are the best options because these dishes are famous as healthy and yummy food? So, don't forget to try these for your kids these are a healthy and amazing option, and you'll be amazed to know that there are thousands of recipes and variations.
There is a lot of variety of food from different states which are healthy and can make your kid fall in love with healthy food.

Now, healthy options if your child like junk foods.

If your Children, love chips then a better option is Hand made Banana Chips, and this can be eaten with chopped onion and tomato with a little lemon juice mixed well.
If your children love French fries then, make them once at home, and give them only once in a week.

If your children want to eat Namkeen then A healthier option keeps Chana Daal in water for a night, then on the next morning spread under the sun to dry it, when it gets dry properly, then fry it. Homemade things are healthier and Chana Dal has a lot of benefits and is loved by kids.

If your child wants to eat Ice Cream or another sweet dish from the market then check out Indian Menue of Sweet Dishes and make it for your kid, he'll forget the way to the market.

Make an Egg Roll, as an egg is healthy and has lots of health benefits. You just have to boil Egg then dip it into besan and then dip into crushed chips and then deep fry, healthy egg roll ready with, nearly, no efforts. There are many ways by which you can use eggs in an effective and yummy way.

Have You Ever Heard about Dhokla and Poha, this is something light and wonderful breakfast, These are loved by everyone. In Poha You can add Groundnut, Peanut to add more flavors.

Now, How to generate your own Food Hacks For kids

Write Down the list of items Healthy for Kids.
Then List out ways how you can use them to make healthy food,
and last but most important, decorate it well.

 Amazing Hack to make your children learn with the help of food, Food Hacks

You can try different shapes of food, then tell about them to your kid, he'll be learning it in this fun process, like Make a alphabets biscuits at home, and help him learn in a fun way. It can be an effective way of learning things.

If you have any other ideas, you can comment me below, I'll love to read.and if you have any other query, just don't forget to mention it, I'll try to help, surely.

Thank You 
Stay Healthy and Safe 

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