Do you love chocolate cake? I am a die-hard fan of chocolate cake. I'll be helping you to make chocolate cake quickly and easily at home and we don't need many ingredients. We will use ingredients that are easily available at home.
Do you know some amazing facts about chocolate cake?
The chocolate cake was first made in the US, in the year around 1764.
The smell of chocolate increase theta brain waves which gives a signal to the brain for relaxation.
and one fun fact which I have experienced is if you are stress or in a bad mood then you must eat something sweet, and what's better than enjoying a chocolate cake, right! now, you'll be asking why? so the reason is this turns your mood to happy. You must try this and comment to me if it worked for you.
Now, let's move to make a yummy chocolate cake. I am assuring you that the recipe I am sharing with you is tried by me and the cake was delicious and hope you like it.


  • Chocolate Biscuits(you can use Happy Happy or Bourbon Or Oreo whichever you like or any other biscuits which are easily available and you like them. when I baked my chocolate cake I used Happy Happy because there flavor is so chocolatey and I love them.)
  • Milk
  • Sugar(according to taste means we have biscuits which are sweet enough so a little amount of sugar  will be sufficient)
  • Lemon flavor ENO (1 small packet)
  • Chocolate(you can use Dairy milk because it tastes the best and can easily be melted or according to your choice) 
Smile and happiness of cooking something for your special ones should be on your face because anything prepared with love and smile always tastes amazing and the best.

Recipe :

  1. Take out all the chocolate biscuits in a container means a bowl. Grind them well in a mixer such that you get a dry powder of chocolate biscuits.
  2. Now start adding milk slowly to the powder of biscuits and at the same time mix it well with a spoon. stir it well such that there are no lumps in the paste of milk and biscuit powder
  3. keep in mind first thing don't add all milk in one go, add milk stepwise like first a small amount then mix it and then again milk up to a state where you get a perfect paste of powder. By perfect paste I mean that should not be very thick or very then it should be medium.
  4. Now, It's time to add a little sugar like 1 teaspoon. or according to your taste if you are a sweet lover then you can add a full 1or 2 teaspoon but not more than that because that's enough.
  5. Now mix it well.
  6. Now it's time to add ENO in the paste prepared and mix it well.
Now it's time to bake a cake and our batter is ready. 


  1. This step is compulsory and very important Take a tray or any container or steel and grease it well with oil or butter according to your choice so that cake can easily be taken out from that container when baked and doesn't stick to the walls of that steel container.
  2. After Greasing with butter add your prepared batter(paste) of chocolate cake into that steel container.
  3. Now tap it slowly and well up to five to six on the surface so that there is no air bubble left.
  4. Now take an aluminum big container like it can be Aluminium boiler or cooker such that you can place your steel container in it.
  5. Now keep that aluminum container or cooker on gas and cover it with some plate for 15 minutes for preheating.
  6. don't forget to place a stand on which you can keep your batter
    1. After 15 minutes place your steel container which is having the batter into that cooker or aluminum boiler.
    2. Cover the lid and now wait for 40 minutes. Gas should be on medium flame. After 40 minutes check with a knife that your cake is baked properly or not.
    3. If your knife is clean when you dispose of the knife out of that cake. This means your cake is baked properly.


    1. This is simple you just need to grease your oven tray with oil or butter well. then add your prepared batter into that tray.
    2. keep it in the oven and wait until it is baked.
    3. now, for checking whether your cake is baked properly or not, dip your knife into that batter if it comes out clean which means your cake is properly baked.

    Now keep your cake aside for few minutes to cool it down. After that take out your baked cake on a plate.


    1. Keep a pan on a  low gas flame. Put a little butter and then add your chocolate (dairy milk) to it.
    2. Now when your chocolate is melted add little milk to it this will enhance your chocolate and will give it a smooth texture.
    3. Mix it well and cook it until both milk and chocolate are mixed and cooked well.
    4. your chocolate cream for decorating a cake is ready.


    1. You can simply put your prepared chocolate cream on the top and rounded surface of the cake and if you have choco chips you can paste them on the surface of the cake. It will be the same as your black forest cake. then serve it.
    2. You can cut horizontal slices of that baked cake and apply chocolate cream in between layers, you can either use different creams for different layers to make it more delicious. then place all the layers on each other and decorate all the outer surface of the cake with chocolate cream. Your cake is ready.
    This feels amazing when the first bite of cake when tasted and it melts in the mouth and gives all its chocolatey flavor. Your mouth is watering I know. So, what are you waiting for? go and prepare your cake and be an awesome chef. Hope you enjoyed the quick recipe for making a chocolate cake at home with limited items.

    Thank you
    Always Smile.
    Stay healthy and safe.

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