Are you all tired like me, after the whole day hard work? And our brain needs to relax, so we think what could be better than watching movies on Netflix or new web series and we jump into it .we chooses a Netflix drama or other web series or social media to relax but, we all know how addictive watching web series or movies can be. After a period, we feel addicted to it and waste many hours watching them.  It is hectic after spending the whole day on desktop, I think watching a movie or watching a series is not a good choice because our Eyes Also needs some rest.so, rather choosing movies on Netflix to relax, audiobooks can be a better option you can enjoy an audiobook and create your own memories and it's a better option to save your eyesight and your brain from blue rays which is harmful. And some research shows that it enhances your visualising power also. So why not try new and good audiobooks which, not only help us in improving but also a good way of entertainment.

Do you know audiobooks can be your best-travelling partners? If you don't feel like carrying a novel or book to read during your journey, and also it's not comfortable to read while travelling and also listening to songs only makes the journey boring. At this point, Audiobooks can be your perfect partner.

Books are the best way for motivation, entertainment, knowledge 📕 , and audiobooks is a wonderful way.

Firstly, I will be helping you with the best audiobook apps, where you can easily get your audiobook.

Best Free audiobook apps

Google Play: 

you can search for free audiobooks on Google Play and enjoy your favourite genre according to your choice.


This is an Amazon app, it provides free trial for 30 days.
Audible Suno: This is absolutely free And is updated timely.


you can easily get free audiobooks in this app.


You will mostly get Hindi audiobooks for free. This is a trusted app.and you'll get ebook 


This provides you with a free trial of 30 days.


This provides you daily motivation, news and government jobs ideas.


this app provides book summaries and key points for free.


This app provides free audiobooks and also so you can listen to the premium audiobooks.


Best audiobook 2020

List of best audiobooks so that you can enjoy the best one from the rest one. hope you love the list.I'll be explaining their summary so that you can easily decide your best audiobook to listen

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins

This audiobook is easily available on audiobooks.com and Audible.
Its narrator is Jennifer Beals, Judy Greer, Benjamin Bratt Prabal Scriber.
The best thing is narrators are chosen by the author of the book, Because of that perfect narration making the audiobook wonderful.
The story revolves around a band of six and Daisy Jones .at the last, you will wonder how the band made impossible turns to possible.
After a point, it will be hard for you to differentiate that it's not reality, it's fictional.
You'll enjoy a true moment of 70's rock.
It will take you to the tour of drugs, rock n roll and music world, creative collaboration.
 It is written in an interview form a new and unique way making it fabulous.

Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

This audiobook is available on audible, audible.com, Amazon, Kobo and also on audiobooks.com. This is a kind of fantasy novel.
The story starts with a Crown princess Anidori, her aunt has a unique ability of animal speaking, she taught the same to Ani. Ani loves to talk with birds And most of the time she spends her whole day near the pool rather than in the palace. After her father dies, her mother asked her to travel to another kingdom and marry the prince. You'll feel connected to her and will love to be the part of her journey. It is something like a Granny story.

The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah

This story the time during World War II. This is a fictional story but some incidents are inspired by the true events that happened during the Nazi invasion. The story revolves around two french girls Vianne and Isabelle. These both sisters were very different from each other, the older sister was a rule follower, and the younger sister was rebellion. During the Nazi invasion, the older sister follows the rule's And had no problem with a Nazi man living with them forcibly and the crime happened to there lavish neighbour Whereas the younger sisters join the French resistance movement and helped allied airmen out of France. she adopts a code name the night angle. You will see the changing nature of emotions during wartime and what makes life worth living.

Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This is the 2015 space Opera novel. The story is told with classified documents, emails. This story is of colonist Kady Grant and her boyfriend who was a fighter pilot. This will give you a unique experience of listening. This book is written as a case file format.

Radio silence  by Alice Oseman

Radio silence covers the theme like family, friend, fandom, education. Each character is diverse and wonderfully presented and fantastic dialogues make it more fascinating. The novel is written in a unique style. This is a contemporary audiobook. This is the story of a girl who loves to podcast at universe city. This will change the ordinary thinking of success by an ordinary path that everyone follows rather than choosing something different and being successful in that.

Sadie by Courtney summers

This is available on Amazon, audible, scribd.

It is based on the dark theme it deals with true crimes. The story revolves around a girl who wants to find about the murderer of her sister. it is a revenge story.

Stalking Jack the Ripper

This is a gothic murder mystery.
The story revolves around a girl who loves forensic and tries to solve the murder mystery of Jack the Ripper.

Daughter of the pirate king

This is a kind of fun novel or audiobook. This is an action story of the daughter of the pirate King, she is hiding in the Enemies ship for a mission .you will be following her in her mission and you will definitely love it. During her journey, she meets a handsome guy.

The thousand Floor by Katherine

This is sci-fi. The story is very fascinating. There are many different characters living in a building having a thousand flour and these flowers show her their standards. The story is of 2045 of New York City.

Few additional best audiobooks are:

  1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
  2. Can't hurt me by David Goggins
  3. Start with why by Simon
  4. The last lecture
  5. I Michael Bennett by James Patterson
  6. A wanted man by Lee child
  7. I will teach you to be rich by Ramit
  8. The Prophet -Kahlil Gibran
  9. Crushing It! by Gary
  10. The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Harry Potter Audiobooks

This is among my one of the favourite audiobook.
It is available on Amazon and Audible.

Hopefully, you'll love these audiobooks. Don't forget to mention your favourite audiobooks from the above-mentioned list of Best audiobooks, I'll love 💕  to read.
 Thank You
Stay healthy and safe 
Enjoy audiobooks

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