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Craving for good mystery books and thrillers lead you here. Great! Do you know there are around 600000 to 1000000 books published every year only in the US, and this number increases drastically when we talk about a book published every year around the world?

And now selecting the best book from these books 📚 is not an easy assignment, So  I am here with the list of best Mystery books And thrillers. Hope You fall in love 💕  with these mystery books.

Mystery books are a kind of books which involves your brain in the story not only writer feel connected to his story but also involves you in the story and you feel solving the mystery before the novelist. It's kind of real fun and excitement. Researches show that mystery books and story are more fascinating than usual novels. Do you also feel the same? 

Best Mystery Books and Thrillers

The Trap

This is a Physiological Thriller. This is written by Melanie Rabbe.
You can get 24 /210 pages book review on Google easily, to understand this book.
This is a mystery, suspense, thriller. The story has many twisted plots. An Author having a perfect plan to kill his sister, but the mystery is really he is the Murderer or someone else is also involved in this story. 
This is the beauty of mystery books, that I can only tell you a little description not more than that because it ruins the fun of reading a mystery book.

The Crow Girl

The first thing you'll love about this book is Its mysterious cover which is fascinating. The story is a mixture of suspense, mystery, thriller and crime.
This is based on a crime story.
This is a translated Swedish Novel. The writer of the novel is Eric sund.
The story begins with a dead body covered with marks on skin and wounds, and a detective superintendent determined to catch the culprit against her superior orders, but she again found another dead body and she knows that this is done by a serial killer, The story twists will take her to past incidents, and this will be definitely fun to solve these murder mystery with her. This is a perfect Halloween novel. You will read about many crimes in one book like murder, rape and child trafficking and other victims and a big question what turns a human to be a monster?

All these beautiful Strangers

This book is written by Elizabeth.
This is a mystery, thriller, suspense and Phycological fiction.
This is a story of love, hate, relationship, betrayal, a mystery that can ruin everything.
The story begins with a beautiful wife of real estate, Grace. She got missing from her house and her Charlie left with this mystery, she always wanted to know where her mother has gone? After 10 years, Charlie went to a prestigious New England School, She easily made friends there.everything was fine, until a secret society of her school gave her an offer to become the member of A's and the twist takes her to the dark past, where she will get to know what happened to her mother ten years back, the truth of life, but this sacred her also as she thinks that everything will be finished once she gets to know the truth of her past, present and her own life.

Broken Things

The writer of this Mystery book is Lauren Oliver.
You'll find this book addictive, You can't put it down unless you solve the mystery.
This is a murder mystery.
You'll see friendship, mystery and twisted plots.
The story begins with two friends Mia and Brynn. They are best friends but they were not in contact for many years, because something monstrous happened in there past, They were both accused of killing their friend summer. But they didn't, but nobody believes them, These friends meet again and keep the pieces in order to know the actual truth behind Summer's death. They shared everything thing which they never shared with anybody.

Salvation Station

This mystery book is written by Katheryn.

This complete story is about suspense, mystery, crime, religious faith.
This strikes the people who blindly follow religious faith and belives it as a truth.
Starting off the story is very intense, Linda, who is a police officer and in her 10 years career, she has never seen such type of case because this case turns to be complicated as she tries more and more to solve the murder case of Two children and their father, whose dead body was buried in the garden. Two cute and small children death horrified Linda and she is determined to find the person behind their death, later on in the story, you'll see how religious faith involves in the story with a twist.

Pretty baby

This is a psychological Thriller. The writer of this mystery book is Mary Kubica. She is one of the national bestselling authors.
The story starts with a lady with a golden heart, Heidi. She is always ready to help others.she keeps the stray cats and provide them with food. Once she was standing on the platform and she noticed a girl with an infant baby in her hands, it was raining. She felt that she must help her, so she bought her home but her husband and daughter were terrified that this can be dangerous to bring someone home without knowing about there identity, she can be a criminal. How the past of that girl would effect Heidi thoughts would be interesting to read, and many plot twist making the story interesting. This is a slow story, You will need the patience to complete it.

The Good Girl

This is the best selling and I think everybody will love this book.

This Mystery book is written by Mary Kubica.

This is a suspense, thriller and phycological fiction. This is a kind of dark mystery.

The story starts with a girl Mia. She is waiting for her boyfriend in a bar but his boyfriend didn't come, she angrily went with a stranger out of that bar. That stranger seems safe for one-night stand for Mia but this was not so when Mia decided to go to his home with home. You'll find out how this decision of Mia becomes the worst decision of her life, which makes her family and friend shatter.

Night Film

This mystery book is written by Marisha.

This is a mystery, thriller, horror, psychological fiction, Suspense, Experimental literature, Noir fiction.

The story begins with a 24-year-old Ashley, she is found dead in a warehouse and people consider it as a suicide but a journalist McGrath suspects that it can be a murder case. He finds much hidden and horrifying truth about the family of Ashley. This would be interesting to know the dark truth about her death.

Perfect days 

This mystery book is written by Rafael.
This is a Phycological thriller and suspense and mystery.
The story revolves around a loner Teo, he lives with his mom and a dog in Rio de Janeiro. He doesn't have many friends and he is a medical student. He had a crush on Clarice, she is just opposite of him, she is exotic and expressive. Teo feels a connection with her and is very obsessed with her. She has played a drama in her college of three friends, who went on a road trip. Teo feels that Clarice rejected her because she doesn't know her, but once she will get to know him, she will fall for him. He kidnapped her and take her to a road trip and it will be interesting to know how things went wrong and everything messed up.

Few more Mystery books are:

  1. The wives by Taryn 
  2. Miracle Creek by Angie
  3. The death of Mrs.West Away by Ruth.
  4. No exit - This Mystery book is written by Taylor
  5. The silent Corner -This Mystery book is written by Dean Koontz.
  6. Finding Rebecca
  7. The girl who lived - Writer of this mystery book is Christopher.
  8. Then she was gone 
  9. The fix by David Baldacci
  10. Stillhouse lake - This mystery book is written by Rachel.
  11. The silent patient - this mystery book is written by Alex
  12. Bones Don't lie by Melinda
  13. I am watching You - This mystery book is written by Teresa Driscoll
  14. The chalk man - This book is written by C.J.Tudor.
  15. You are not alone by Greer Hendricks.
  16. The last Mrs.Parrish by Liv Constantine
  17. Verity - This  Mystery book is written by Collen Hoover.

These are few best mystery books, hope you love this. Don't forget to comment to me about your favourite Mystery book, I would love to read it.
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