Do you know, What is Mysterious?, According to my opinion, Mysterious is something, which can be seen, or maybe felt, or maybe heard, but you can't explain the reason behind it, It is something Uncommon in this Common world, which makes it a mystery for every common people.
Now, If I consider India as a country of Temples, then that will not be superlative, because there are so many temples, and I think It will take a whole day or more for only Listing their Name, and more exciting is the fact that each temple has its own story, it's own mystery and it's own belief, which I think, It is a big heritage of India. I know it's not possible to tell you about each and every temple and Mystery, but I am here with the Most Mysterious Temples of India and there unsolved Mystery, which makes them Uncommon. If you can solve their mystery, then definitely try.
Listening about the mysteries and these temples will be really exciting, but more exciting and fun will be visiting these temples and then noticing and experiencing these mysteries. Enjoy reading


This temple is located in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh, It is also popular as" Hanging Pillar Temple".Now, there is a reason why it is called hanging Pillar Temple, It has a total of 70 pillars and one of them is hanging in the air, which means it's not connected to the ground, god knows how it is standing straight in the air., there is around half-inch gap between the pillar and ground, It's like it doesn't feel Gravity, Mystery of this Hanging Pillar is yet to be Solved, many researchers had tried a lot to find out the reason and the Hanging Pillar is called Aakash Stambh.
but failed. According to people's beliefs, there is a story regarding, this Hanging Pillar. According to the story, there was a British Engineer who tried to destroy this pillar, but fortunately, could not, since that time it is hanging in air.
Lord Shiva, Veer Bhadra roop is worshipped in this temple, This roop of Lord shiva came into Existence after the Daksh Pooja. Mata Bhadrkali is also worshipped in this temple and many other roops of Lord Shiva Like Ardnareshwar, Kankalmurti, Dakshin Murti.
According to history, It was built by two brothers Veerpana and Veeranna in the 16th century, but Some evidence of Old books shows that it was built by Rishi Agastya.
There is a sign of one-foot print, and people believe that this is of Lord Rama or maybe Sita Mata.
Some people connect this place with Ramayana Times and consider this place as a place where Jatayu fought with Ravana and fall here and here he told Lord Rama about Mata Seeta.


Jagannath puri is a full pack of amazing Mysteries. It is located in Puri and it's impossible that you haven't heard about Jagannath Yatra and Jagannath Mandir because this is one of the Most famous Hindu Temple. Lord Krishna is worshipped with his brother Baldau and his Sister Subhadra. Now let's understand, What is Mysterious in this Temple?
First Thing, You'll find Mysterious is the Sikhar Dhwaja. It always waves in the opposite direction of Wind, This is kind of impossible thing, you have always felt that things wave in the direction of the wind, but this is completely opposite in this temple and more amazing is that this Dhwaja is changed every day and the person who changes this, he climbs at the top in opposite direction. 
Next one is You have always heard that in sea connected Areas, During day time wind flows from sea to land and during Night it will be Land to sea but this is just opposite happening in the temple, which means it is from land to sea during the day and during Night it is from sea to Land.
Sudarsan Chakra, which is also called Neel Chakra, and the amazing part is that from any direction of the Temple, it looks like you are watching it from the front.
We all know, that birds do not follow any rule, they are independent to fly anywhere in the Sky, but this is weird that they don't fly over the Top of Jagannath Temple roof, Nor you'll see any plane above the Temple, You'll think, how can this be possible, the same question everybody has in their mind.
According to Science, If any light falls on an object, this is definite that it will have a shadow, but do you know that the upper portion of the temple has no shadow, during any time of Day.
When to enters the Sighabadra gate, You'll feel no sound, but as you'll exit from the gate, you can clearly hear the sound of Sea waves.
This Temple has the biggest Kitchen and around 500 chef and 300 assistants, and Prasad is cooked by placing seven Vessels, keeping them one above the other, and you'll be shocked by knowing that Prasad is cooked first in the vessel which is at the top, which is against science.
Everyday Prasad is prepared for 25000 Bhagatjan, and the prasad is always sufficient, and not even one piece is wasted or left.


This Temple is amongst the richest temple in India. It is Located in Trivanthpuaram, Kerala. Before knowing about the mysterious thing in the temple, let's first know about the temple.
In this temple, Lord Vishnu is worshipped. It was built by Taravanakor Raja in the 9th century. In 1750 Maharaj Martande Verma became the Dasa of Lord Padmanabh from that day till now, his family is taking care of the temple, You'll find it shocking that they clean up their feet before leaving the temple, so that not even a single piece of the temple they can take with them.
It has 7 cellars and among these Seven, Six are opened and around 1,32,000 Crore treasure is found with one Lord Vishnu's 3.5 feet Statue and around 18 feet long gold chain, with many precious stones.
7th Cellar is yet to open.

Mysterious 7th Cellar

It has a Gate which has two cobra's framed on it. It has no lock still nobody could open it. It is made up of steel. People believe that opening this gate will bring Misery. Some people consider it as cursed.
and some believe that it can only be opened with Garud Mantra and it will be spelled wrong that that person will die definitely.
Some Great Saint belives that this is a way to god and god doesn't want it to be opened.
Many times people tried to open this gate, and one of them lost his life because of snake biting, Now the Supreme Court has restricted to open this gate.
Some Historicals believe that there is much more treasure in the temple than it is found.


This is located in Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh. As its name suggests it is connected to Rain. This temple predicts about the rain.
In this temple, the water leaks from the roof of the temple, even during the bright sun, and when it stops leaking, Rains starts in the Area.
The size of droplets of water leaking from the roof gives the exact Idea of Rain.
Researchers have tried a lot to find out the reason for this prediction but failed.
This is an unsolved mystery till now.
It would be more exciting If you experience this Mystery yourself.\


This temple is named after a white Elephant Airavat, who worshipped Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple. This is believed that Rishi Durvasa cursed the white Elephant, because of which he lost his white color and was sad, then he bathed with the water of this temple and regained his color that's why this temple is Named as Airavateshwara.
This Temple is beautiful and the Nakashi is wonderful. Wall and pillar work is amazing, If you want to enjoy each part you have to spend time and effort to understand it.
There is Balipet and near Balipet you'll see a small temple of Lord Ganesha and near that, you'll find three pairs of Stairs.
These are not common Stairs these are musical stairs.
Have you played the piano, because it's the same kind of that, These stairs produces music even when they are slightly touched, this musical experience is something to the next level and mystery of this music is unsolved.
It was made by Raja Raja Chol 2nd.

Hope you loved these Mysterious Temple In India. I suggest you enjoy these mysteries' live by visiting these temples.
Thank You
Stay Healthy and Happy

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