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Any look is definitely not complete until your nail πŸ’… paint is done. Now only doing any nail colour is not cool, it should be something more than just completing the look. As trends change every year either it is clothes trend or makeup or hairstyle even if it shoesπŸ‘  in same way trend of nail colours also changes with time  And everyone wants to be with the trend because it is not decent to look outdated in the era of social media. Now the list of Nail colours I am going to mention are not just on the list because they are trending but because they are little different and tremendous. So, Let's begin, enjoy πŸ“– reading,

Latest nail colour trends 2020

Wonderful Pink

I think pink is everyone's favourite and this colour is always a trending colour. It has many shades each shade is different as baby pink looks cute and decent whereas dark pink shows confidence, boldness. It is  a dark nail polish colour

Light pink

This is also a different shade of pink which is trending.

Ocean blue with glitters

Black And white

Pure black or shiny black is Always a part of a trend which gives a wonderful and Amazing look or I can say a classy 🎩 look. it is a dark nailpolish colour.

Sea green 

This is not simple sea green, it has sea green with glitters, which is giving it shine to the next level.
And obviously, this is trending nail paint. It is a sparkle nail polish.

sparkle Peach or light brown

This nail colour is a decent shade And little sparkle is adding beauty to it.if you'll notice more carefully you'll find that nail colour is in shades, as it is a dark downside and light when reaches the top.
It is a dark nail polish colour.

Pink purple combo 

This nail paint is a pink and purple combo   which is a fantastic combo and it's my favourite since childhood.and the shine of glitters making it more tremendous. It is dark nail polish colour and also a sparkle nail polish.


Gold is something which is always trendy and it's perfect for parties .and blAck art on this gold nail paint gives an out of the world look.
It is sparkle nail polish.


I think this is the colour of hotness and beauty. Red is something that is never out of trend. This nail colour is always love and obviously red signifies love.
This is dark nail polish colour.


Are you a die-hard fan of black colour then this nail colour would be definitely your choice. And the nail art done on one nail is giving it a unique look.
It is dark nail polish colour .

Sky purple

This is a unique colour now in trending, hope you like this new one.

Baby Pink with Silver Glitter

The first thing is this is my favourite, because  of it's decent look ,if you are not fond of bright colours then this is best choice ,pink with silver glitter is adding beauty to that baby pink.You can use this nail paint casually for outings or on daily basis ,even in parties because this can work anywhere.

Red with cream colour

This is a rare combination,and I think this is definately a new colour combo to apply on nails.
So,are you ready to enjoy this new nail paint colour combo of red and cream ?
Red is a dark nail polish colour.
This is pink and skin colour combo just like red and cream colour combo.It is basically light colour combo and it can be a good choice with your light colour dress.


I think this is one of the best nail colour according to Trend and it is never outdated.
It is a dark nail polish colour.

Red and white 

This is cute nail art and as we all know red and white combination of colour with black art always works .One of the perfect combination of colours.

Sea beauty all in one

As you can see you can see different blues and green in this nail colour and they are wonderfully mixed with each other.Nail colours with perfect combination.

White and chocolate

As chocolate colour is always tempting and with white colour it is looking wonderful same as a chocolate cake with vanilla cream.
Chocolate colour giving it a dark nailpolish effect and white is neutralizing it.

Simple beauty baby pink

Tip with white and a shiny look of nails with nail art on one nail is giving it a amazing look.

Red with Black

As I earlier said red is a wonderful colour and when it is used with black then they gives a stunning look whether it is dress or nail color .
It is a dark nail polish colour.

Sea blue and a shade of green

Pink shades with gold and grey

Blood red

Pink with silver

Baby pink and silver are both trending nail colour.
Silver is sparkle nail polish colour.

Green shade with glitter

It is a dark nail polish colour,and attracts everybody's attention.

Black and silver

Black and silver nail colour is trending ,first thing is it's wonderful combination and secondly is black is never outdated.and do you know that people who's favourite colour is black ,they have most colourful mind ?  It is a dark nail polish colour.

Maroon with silver

No word is needed to explain this trending nail colour ,because it itself explains it's beauty. It is a dark nail polish colour .

Sky-blue and purple

It is a kind of blue combination,this is something new to try out.

Baby Pink nail art 

Baby pink with purple boxes and white art on sides making it a wonderful and cute.

Sea Green

This colour is trending because of it's unique and amazing colour.If you love to do something out of league then this is definately for you.

Dark blue sparkle

This is a sparkle nail polish.

Pink purple sparkle 

This is a sparkle nail polish.

Dark Brown and shiny silver


Shade of brown

Sea blue with sparkle

This is a sparkle nail polish.

Black and white combo with shine of sparkle

This  is dark nail polish colour.

Perfect black and blue

Sky-blue glitters


Black with white dot

This is  a kind of mixture of old and new.It is a kind of dark nail polish colour

Rose pink 

Shade of pink with black

Dark Green



Silver and pink with black


Gold green

Red and silver

Dark green and green glitters

Grey with gold

Black glitter with dark black

Pink with gold

Cute art

Red and silver

Nail art with pink and skin combo

Hopefully you loved the trend nail colours,and different arts and style.

Many sparkle nail polish,and different nail paints.
Dark nail polish colours for parties and function.
Cute nail colours with decent look.
Thank You
Stay updated
It's better to be the trend rather than following a trend

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