About Us

About Us

we had made this website Geniodatos/preview/button/ #27ae60 for spreading our informative content to the visitors.

Geniodatos Group

our group in these days have 2 members which have their full contribution to Geniodatos website

 1.Nisha Yadav 
 2.Tarun Yadav 

There is a big story behind starting this website. we both get motivated by others and we thought to do something new then we thought that we would share all our knowledge with others and our experience with others.

this blog gave us an opportunity to share our views, knowledge, experience 
we are not only creating a post but we are creating a post which matters.

we wrote about interesting facts, the forgotten history of Indian culture, personality development, self-development, brain training and we promote to stay motivated.

we don't stick at a single topic we try to make this blog with a variety of contents which you would love obviously.

In the future, this blog would be a great source of information and influencer.

Tarun Yadav

I had developed the website i.e website overview, Theme, SEO, and many more this is many 5 websites in which I am doing work with my sister and making it more efficient I had an experience of about 2 years of web development and my journey has just started and this website had given it a huge push toward huge success. my sister and I both have done half-half work here and that's all I know about myself which links to the website. I think I am not famous till now but if you are reading this then I mean that I am growing up.

Keep going on no one is better than you here dont be sad